May 22, 2014

Squeeeze Worries me...

I dread the Squeeeze figure, as I mentioned before. The fear stems mostly from MATTEL's reaction to the Snout Spout issue. No Bendy, now sculpted hard plastic for everything that was bendy. Losing on the ability to wrap other characters with his arms so he can "Squeeeze" them will suck...

Sadly, the reasons to dread him simply do not end there... As with Tung Lashor, there are more than one interpretation to the character... Vintage Toy or 200X Staction.

To me the simplest answer would be Articulate the Staction. We cannot do that "Classics style" and
other BS. Personally speaking, I'd hate a Larger Sized Vintage Squeeeze.
Let's start with his head. The Vintage Figure looks like a Crocodile, not a Snake.
Then we have the Torso... If we go Full Vintage then we'd need to use the upper Reptilian Torso with the lower Human torso. that would look weird... Made even weirder with the Terror Bra Armor.
The Arms would be new and mildly complicated. They'd need the Trap Jaw system of removable arms and maybe have an Armless Squeeeze mint on card, due to space issues. (Mattel could always make a second set of non-stretched arms, but I can hear them crying Logistics.)
From the crotch down he seems to be mostly new. (Maybe the lower knee where the boots are plugged can be reused.)

a 200X Squeeeze might have a few less new parts.
The head is new and slightly more anaconda-like.
The Draego-Neck piece and the armor may hide the Human upper Torso and the Hordak Flat Abs can complete the look.
Hssss Shoulders and Biceps can complete the upper arms. A New Forearm that can be swapped (stretched and unstretched) could work for him.
Crotch and legs would be new.

I'm VERY likely to be disappointed since the influences are most likely to be VINTAGE... (As seen with the rest of the Snakemen)

Personally I'd love for them to take Staction influences from the Waist up and have him vintage styled from the waist down. I wouldn't say no to two heads and two sets of hands: Vintage and 200X. He Could be the $35 "Holiday" item, due to the size of his arms and stuff.

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