May 19, 2014

Wait what!? Now US TV is copying Telenovelas?

First it was Ugly Betty... The "Americanized" version of the Colombian Telenovela Yo soy Betty La Fea. Now they are Adapting Juana La Virgen!? WHAT THE HELL!?

CW What are you doing!?
Have we reached so low that Telenovelas have to be ripped off in order to make new series?
I mean Ugly Betty went into a direction COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than the Original Yo Soy Betty La Fea.

Nothing against other countries adapting shows and localizing them...

I guess some people may guess which show is this...
Hell, look at what Italy did to Titanic...

It's just weird that of all things to adapt for North American TV, we're getting Telenovelas.
I mean, it's hard enough to avoid them in most Latin American Households. I don't need them creeping in on my English Programming TV as well!

 Seriously, what's next? I know a few Telenovelas that could be ridiculous enough to be "Americanized"

Venezuela's Mi Gorda Bella: Something, something, evil scheming Prostitute becomes the matriarch of a rich family and causes the Protagonist to grow fat. There's even a masked vigilante, a cross-dressing cop... I'm not kidding with this.

Mexico's Mujer De Madera: Something Something Rancher Family, long lost sister, Evil aunt with henchmen, one weird drug trafficker who is protected by a Devil Worshipper. Oh yeah! The main character gets recast halfway through and they burn the previous actress so they can give her a facial reconstructive surgery or something.

OK, so those two lend themselves to be "Americanized" series... I mean, as long as they don't consider doing any of ThalĂ­a's stuff I'm cool... Poor girl meets rich dude... convoluted telenovela BS to keep them away and in the end they end up together...

and yes, he talks...

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