May 1, 2014

It Came from the Toy Chest: Satan is Beastman's bitch!

Look at Goatman and tell me that he does not look like The Devil or some character from an Old School Metal album art. As you may have guessed I'm reviewing Goatman.

OK, so the dude comes from a Golden Book... As far as I know the book that Goatman appears was not made into a Golden Books video. He was a slave to Beastman's power and got his butt kicked...
That is all we got to know about Goatman. Classics just makes him Beastman's Bitch all the way to the Neitlichverse's He-Ro: Son of He-Man... because Time Travel. also he's got a real name now... Klacky!

So, let's move on to Klacky: the review...

He has the standard normal body without any extra points of articulation like Whiplash, Mantenna, Draego-Man, etc. so there are no surprises on him. His armor is not a full body armor, so there is less restriction on the Ab Crunch for him. His ankles are loose as Hell due to Mattel using the older boots with the visible pins.
Loo-Kee and Kowl: Noooooooooo!

Paint and Sculpt:
This guy is mostly on the main buck... (Then again so are most figures) The NEW Pieces are cool.
I LOVE the Forearms and cements the idea that we totally needed a lot of the new post-2012 parts to spice up some of the 30th Figures (Spector and Loser-Lot, I'm talking about thee) Paintwise he's 98% flawless. A little slop on my left foot ruins his flawlessness!

Loo-Kee: Waaaaait! Waaaaaaait! Waaaaait! You Beastman lover!
We Challenge you to a Rock-Off! Give us one chance to rock your socks off!
Klacky has one accessory. His badass Warhammer kicks ass! OK so it reminds me a bit of Shao Kahn's Warhammer or Kombat Hammer. Point is the Hammer is a sea of awesomeness.
The other Accessory is not for Klacky, but for Stratos. This is the SECOND Staff of Avion that Stratos receives. First one was released with Icer (who I don't own) and was based on the Filmation version. Stratos cannot hold that staff due to his open hands. The Horseman who sculpted the staff was unable to add a tab for Stratos to hold it due to a family emergency (IIRC his father died and he had to take some time off to deal with that matter) and Mattel design in their infinite incompetence were unable to add one. They can switch forearms, add MAA mustaches to Dekker's young head, make leotards look like jumbo codpieces, but add a little tab for Stratos to hold that staff is impossible.
So, Stratos got a NEW Staff of Avion, this time based on the Mini Comics version. With a tab to slip it on Stratos' hand.

GoatMan is a cool Addition to Skeletor's Ranks. He gets a 4.17 The staff of Avion is a cool accessory to have. The Warhammer is a better accessory. For an obscure character, he is pretty cool! If all else fails, I can always do Beelzeboss references with him!

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