May 18, 2014

The Flash Trailer was out and I missed out!

So, I missed out on Arrow's Season 2 Finale... Then THIS Happened while I was in a world without cable or internet...

Holy Crap! If I was stoked to see The Flash Before, Now I am 3 time MORE Excited.
I had a few doubts on Grant Gustin as the Flash... the Trailer erased those pretty fast. While I had my suspicions that they were going to use Geoff Johns stuff, the trailer confirms it. Angsty Barry is the Barry we're getting. So far he seems more lighthearted than Oliver "Downer" Queen. Oh yeah, Barry Allen is now Dawson's brother...

Speaking of Ollie Queen... I didn't need the Trailer to get this excited about Flash... This Teaser with a Whovian Reference for a hashtag would have had the same effect on me.

Good to know that DC is at least trying to do something with other characters aside the Bat-Shaped Crutch and the Blue Boy Scout... shame that they can't seem to get anything Decent with Wonder Woman off the ground.

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