May 18, 2014

Holy Batsuit, Affleck! Also, Gal Gadot as Not Wonder Woman

Being tossed back to the early 90s this week hurts the most when I missed out on the Reveal of Sad Batman... and the Batmobile.
This is a glimmer of hope. Batffleck looks good, a bit sad... but he looks the part. I think He COULD Pull it off. I just wish that the news had ended there, because that Batffleck seems like the highlight of the movie... And Kevin Smith called it all the way in the 1990s...

Sadly, and I already had very low expectations of this; Gal Gadot does NOT LOOK LIKE Wonder Woman... A pic of her shows Ms. Gadot standing next to a tree looking like a Brunette Paris Hilton instead of Wonder Woman. I guess she has an Invisible Chihuahua in the baggage she is carrying.

Now, in all fairness, she seems to have gained a bit of weight. Sadly, I already stated that no matter how much she bulked up her small frame would not make her look like Wonder Woman... I guess she is the reason why Batffleck is sad... (rimshot) What's with the shoulder pads?
They remind me of something... I'm thinking PS1... Squaresoft... 3 discs...

At Least She didn't have Popeye forearms to complete the FFVII Character look.

They should just reveal her Wonder Woman look to shut up the haters or prove them right... It kinda worked with Batffleck!

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