May 8, 2014

Odds and ends: 5-8-14 With The Flash Ohai! Creepy Hannah Montana Actor!

That is an amazing bit of news! The Flash is Finally coming to the CW. Arrow is one Episode from the Season Finale... Now the Wait for not one but TWO shows on the CW has been intensified... I haven't been this excited with the CW, since it was called the WB and new seasons of Buffy were announced... Yeah, I wasn't a fan of Dullsville... I mean Supes' Creek, err... Smallville!

Sweet Niblets!

Moises Arias from Hannah Montana has turned a lot of people against him by posing shirtless with the Fresh Prince's daughter. Of course, Jada Pinkett-Smith did the mature thing and called the people who critiqued the photo "covert pedophiles". Then again, Jada defends Bieber's inexcusable behavior.
While the pic is rather tame, it CAN BE interpreted as creepy... Like that Old Pic of Miley Cyrus and her father, Billy Ray. The pic is rather tame with both of them fully dressed, but the pose is what is a bit off-putting.

The Pic of Willow Smith and Moises Arias IS a bit more off-putting than Miley's old pic due to the fact that they're both on a bed. Mr. Arias is sitting Shirtless, while Ms. Smith is kinda lying at his feet. the fact that she is 13 and he is 20 has raised some concerns... His "dat Ass face" doesn't help things. Had the background been a backyard, a beach, a lake, or any "public space" the creepy vibe would be a lot less. Not helping Willow's cause is her hanging out with the Jenner Girls (This is as close to the term Kar****ian will be on this blog...)
13 year old girl keeping up with an older crowd... This seems like a recipe for a disaster.

Speaking of Disasters... I've mentioned how James Franco has gotten the rights to adapt The Disaster Artist into a movie. Well, James Franco is going to do something incredible... He will play Tommy Wiseau in The Disaster Artist!! Holy crap! I need to get that Book... and I can't wait to see Mr. Franco doing some Wiseauisms

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