Feb 24, 2016

Capcom MAY fix some of the wrongs in SFV.

That's right they MAY, fix the lack of Arcade Mode issue. I can't give you many details, since Forbes is hiding behind an Anti-Ad Block wall where it loops me on a welcome message and demand that I remove Adblock to see their site. So, what I've read from other sites reacting to the Forbes Article is that Capcom is looking into adding Arcade mode to the game.

Looking into it!? For Cripes sake! This should have been IN THE GAME SINCE RELEASE!!!
I hope that IF the Arcade Mode is made available by DLC that we do NOT HAVE TO PAY ANYTHING to get it. It would be a dick move to have to pay for a game mode that should have been ONE OF THE TWO MAIN GAME MODES INCLUDED:


Seriously, it's almost as if Capcom's staff was hit with a dumbinator...

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