Feb 27, 2016

It Came from the toy Chest: It cost less than 4 Imperial Credits

Yes, Mee'm talking of Jabba Doe Hutt. Doe gangster Musta known Noleeya Tatooine.
No, I'm not doing a full review in Huttese. What I'm doing is a review of the Star Wars Black Series Jabba the Hutt: Retail version, which I got for Less than $4 in Clearance. Sure, the box was beat up as heck, but from $40-$50 that the guy is. Do I need to explain WHO IS Jabba the Hutt?

For a fat slug lord, This Jabba can move!
Ball joint shoulders, elbows, and wrists. He also has a waist twist. Last but not least an Articulated Jaw. I don't like the Jaw that much...

The Action feature and soft rubbery plastic remind me too much of Morbius and you know what happened to that figure.

Paint and sculpt:

I am pleasantly surprised with the paint and sculpt on Jabba. The folds, wrinkles, suckers,etc. Is all there. The paintjob, while a bit sloppier than the SDCC version, it's pretty good!

Nada, Zip, Zilch, The Big Goose Egg! (Sadly, I've no chaos Bleeds video to match!) 0.0

THIS Version of Jabba gets a 2.67 as his score... Just get the SDCC Version for more value for your money... My gripes with him lie in how the Rubber Face will hold on... My Morbius doesn't look too good. Also, there's the lack of accessories. I'm not asking for Salacious B. Crumb and the Hookah here, but he needed SOMETHING!
 My original plan was to use this Jabba and repaint him in Slug Kothos colors, but seeing the Soft Rubber face, I won't do this... I could use him for funny pics for my upcomming Rey review... That is if I find where the Hell I put her. Making Reviews while not finishing a house move can be nightmarish! Hashtag Where's Rey!?


  1. Man! What a find!

    I've passed on Jabba quite a few times but for $4 dollars? That's a steal. Where'd you find him?

  2. It was on a SUPER ULTRA Clearance at KMart. that was the last Jabba. It actually was for $3.20 thanks to a Blue Light Special.