Feb 17, 2016

The essence of Mortal Kombat is not about death...

But about excessive DLC that costs money. I am not talking about MK 9, which was plagued by this, but MKX, which ramped up the greed factor. DLC for characters, DLC for 2 button Fatalities, DLC for Unlocking EVERYTHING... DLC for costumes. I mean COME ON!!

I hope that Street Fighter V doesn't follow the same route... *Remembers Street Fighter X Tekken and SF IV* We're doomed!

So, yes, I'm going to give you my thoughts on MKX, Sequel to the MK9 Reboot of the series.

Remember that if you ever do a Fatality to a female character, you are sexist, misogynistic and deserve to be beaten to death by 'Nita's followers.

Let's begin, Shall we?

Sequel to MK9, where Shao Khan violated the Tournament rules and was finally killed by the Elder gods. Many Warriors from Earthrealm and Outworld fell in the glorious Kombat.
Johnny Cage got in Sonya's pants and she eventually gave birth to a Girl Johnny Cage... She even has the Gary Oldman hairdo from the 5th Element combined with a Manbun... Probably voiced by a Tumblr SJW... To the Internet! Yup! Johnny Cage's daughter is infected by SJW-ism... thanks to her VA. So, Cassie Cage is the new Liu Kang. She is working with a team consisting of:
Kung Lao's gay cousin, no really they drop a not so subtle hint about Kung Lao's cousin being gay. Jax's daughter who ALSO HAS Mechanical arms. (Hers are Armor, but still.) Then there's Kenshi's son who was raised by Scorpion, and their Fearless leader is none other than the man whose fist hungers for your balls... or vajayjay if you are female. Yes, Johnny Cage now works for the Special Forces... So let me get this straight: Sonya, Johnny Cage, AND THEIR daughter are all Special Forces? NEPOTISM!!
Yeah, Team Nepotism is now the new wave of Defenders of Earthrealm, seeing that Johnny is now pushing 50.

Shinnok is plotting behind the scenes to take over Earthrealm and now both Earthrealm and Outworld are intertwined in another Mortal Kombat (the game, not the Tournament)

The Graphics are beautiful, it's just that some of the character designs feel uninspired. (I mean Scorpion, Subzero and Old Kenshi looking very similar to one another. I know they are different models, but they kinda look the same with the whole beard thing.

Sounds and Music:
To be honest, the music is there, but I just don't feel connected to it. The voices, well they have Steve Blum, Troy Baker, Greg Eagles, Jennifer Hale, Grey Griffin (formerly Grey DeLisle), and Johnny Young Bosch...

Remember MK9? Controls are Similar to it. If you haven't REALLY PLAYED a Mortal Kombat since the 2D Digitized Actors... Mmmm, MK3 Sonya! well, they changed a lot of the Kommands!
the controls are 98% responsive... (Hate fatalities that have UP as one of the kommand inputs)

It's Mortal Kombat, Do I need to explain that two fighters enter the arena and only one comes out (if the winner FINISHES the opponent)
MK X gets a 8.5 as its final score. Personally, I'd remove 2 points for the abuse of DLC.
$19.99 for Unlocking the Krypt
$19.99 for Kombat Pack 2 which includes Goro, Kold War Skin Pack, Leatherface, a Tartakan Xenomorph, Bo'Rai'Cho, and a Cyber Ninja that uses the abilities of all cyber ninjas.
$9.99 for Kombat Pack 1: It has Predator, Jason Voorhees, Tanya, and Tremor. It also includes a few skin packs.

That's another $50 for the $50+ Game... This shit has to stop.

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