Feb 15, 2016

odds and ends Feb. 15/16

Back in 2013, Todd McFarlane was trying to whore himself to Hollywood to get a chance to reboot Spawn. Well, Good news! He STILL IS TRYING! The movie he is pitching is more along the lines of a Horror movie, but Spawn could lend itself for that.

Mattycollector has found the new Neitlich: His name is Andrew Sparks. Pixel Dan did a walkthrough where the New Neitlich and Cornboy of the 4H discuss the toys.

Behold the Teaser to the Crappy Reboot that makes Anita excited!

Funny thing is that this was released on February 14th, 2016...

Also, it made me think of this:

Filmation He-Man is "No Longer Available"... That was rather fast, especially for a Figure that is supposed to be Evergreen in order to allure new customers... I knew he was going to go fast, but this could be a double edged sword... Time will tell.

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