Feb 20, 2016

Thundercats is stepping up in the right direction.

Seems that Mattel is Stepping up in the right direction with Thundercats and their more Adult collector look that they have. Extra hands, extra accessories (like the whole Mumm-Ra's dual capes, or various Claw shields.) Well they NEED to go even further. I understand that costs, unfortunately, are what causes some things to get cut on figures.

Well, I think Mattel should take the next step and make "Upgrade packs" for the characters that truly need it. Right out of the bat, I know of a few who'll need these like Lion-O who still needs:
2 more Claw Shields:
-One firing the grappling ropes (knuckle gems). I mean the gems popped out with bits of sculpted rope attached to them so it looks like Lion-O just fired the grappling ropes.
-One Vac Metal... (I know I HATE Vac Metal, but the other option is one with a Mummy, Mumm-Ra refelction tampographed on it)

3 more swords of Omens:
-Sight beyond Sight Mode (Small Dagger, but with the Fully awakened Hilt)
-"in between mode" Basically, a shorter version of the fully awakened sword. (Preferably, The Second Thunder! from the Thundercats Ho! call. with the Sight beyond sight dagger we can have the first "Thunder!" from the call.
-Third blade? A fully awakened Sword of Omens with a Red Blast shooting out of the Eye. This sword has 2 purposes. Use one is to use it as if Lion-O is calling the Thundercats, but the second use is to recreate the Lion-O deflecting Mumm-Ra's blast from the intro.

-Additional Head for Lion-O, probably a screaming HOOOOOO! Head, or a sight beyond sight head.

That's just Lion-O...
We could say that Panthro will need the Nunchucks (Here I'm thinking a few versions.)
2"Twirling". As seen with the Marvel Select Thor, he has a normal Mjolnir and a twirling Mjolnir.
Panthro needs 2 Twirling chucks: twirling Red and Twirling Blue.
-Energy blasts for the nunchucks

The idea is to bring up Extra stuff to spice up your Thundercats displays. This could help us the fans get the BEST THUNDERCATS TOYS EVER!!

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