Feb 11, 2016

PS4 Blues

You may have noticed that I have a PS4... I kinda gave it away on the Maud Pie Super Short Review. I also ranted a bit about space issues and games. With GTAV, WWE16, Mortal Kombat X, and Toy Soldiers War Chest, I've gone over 1/5th of the 500Gb space. with 4 Games... This is going to suck...
Then there's another thing: Where the Hell are the games? It took me a hell of a hard time just to get MKX. I still have not found Arkham Knight. Other than Call of Doody, or Ass Creed, or Generic Sports Game, there seems to be NOTHING ON PS4... Yes, We KNOW WHY I got it...
Shenmue 3

and SFV
but other than that... It seems that all I can see is HD Remakes of PS2 or ports of PS3 games.

Before anyone says: Why didn't you buy XBox One Instead?
The answer is I bought Shenmue 3 for PS4 the last day of the kickstarter.
I hope that the game situation changes for 2017 because these consoles NEED something more... They're making me miss the PS2 days.

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