Feb 26, 2016

The Importance of a Toy Accurate She-Ra and Catra.

Classics is pretty much finished and the Collector's Choice is basically "extra content". It's sad that New Adventures is considered "Extra content" but that's a different rant for another day.

I did comment about the oddities of "Classicizing POP" nearly 5 years ago. In a New York Toy Fair 2016 walkthrough something was mentioned about a "Very Special She-Ra", allegedly coming this Summer. Something big happens in July (SDCC most likely)

Some people are Speculating that a True Filmation She-Ra is coming:

While not 100% Filmation Accurate, WE ALREADY HAVE TWO OF THOSE!! (3 if we count the vsDCUC sets)

What we DO NOT HAVE IS A TOY BASED SHE-RA... No, adding the Toy Tiara to the Filmation Inspired She-Ra, a Toy She-Ra does not make.

So using my powers of deduction, I'd say that a Very Special She-Ra should be VERY DIFFERENT from what we already have.
This could mean a super oddball curve of a Barbie as She-Ra, but MOTU Collectors and Barbie Collectors are not necessarily in the same circles. (some are but not the majority)

A Filmation She-Ra would be too similar to what we already have. Toy She-Ra on the other hand is not.

She'd be Rather easy to make for Mattel:
The head and headdress come from Bubble Power She-Ra.
The Top comes from NA She-Ra
The rest of the body would be from Bubble Power She-Ra
Leaving the Skirt and Cape being the main new pieces for the body.

That gives them enough space to do Extra stuff like a second Clear Tiara, a removable overlay like BP She-Ra and an extra Starburst cape. They can easily do 2 packouts for SDCC and Matty: One in the Starburst attire and the other on the Toy She-Ra attire. 2 birds with one stone. the Final Toy She-Ra variant being complete AND the ability to have the Toy Version of Vanilla She-Ra. PoP fans may buy 2 or 3 depending on how many She-Ra variants they want to make more Toy-Accurate. In theory, this would be a win-win for Mattel.

But He-Man without Skeletor is kinda weird, so let's tackle her Toy Skeletor with Catra.

Catra needs far more new pieces than She-Ra (Skirt, Forearms, boots, Tail) but is doable. The only problem is tackling her variants. With She-Ra as we've seen is easier.

The problem with Catra's Variants lies in the Loincloth/Skirt and her leggins.
Standard Catra is showing leg au natural (after shaving.) The variants have Animal Print Leggins.
Scratching sound has a Silver Tiger Pattern on pink Leggins while Shower Power has black Leopard
spots on pink Leggins. Unless She gets the Mermista Treatment and 3 sets of legs, we can't get an ALL in One Catra variant set. The best solution would be to release 2 Catra versions.
One that can be combined from Toy Catra to, uh Shower Power and the other one being Scratching Sound (no longer Scratching Sound) Catra.

The Theoretical Savage Catra/Shower Power Catra could be:
New Torso that functions like the Mermista Torso but with the Sweet Be top overlay.
2 Sets of legs (One bare, the other with the Print Leggins. Each with the appropriate Loincloth.)
New Boots, forearms.
Silver Filmation Catra Cape and Mask. Toss in the Shower Power gun and the tail also works as a whip (interchangeable between loincloths. Seeing that both versions of Catra have a Black Skirt/loincloth) The Silver Cat Mask from the toy version came with Filmation Catra.

The Final Variant would be pretty much made and the only new things needed would be a new Loincloth and Mask. If Mattel wants to be part reuse conscious and give us a RED Toy Mask, I wouldn't complain. Would look WAY Better than what the toy got in the 80s.

Why do I mention Catra in this She-Ra rant? Because giving us a Toy She-Ra vs Toy Catra (or SB She-Ra vs ANY Toy Catra variant) would make for a VERY SPECIAL SHE-RA and perfect for her 31st Anniversary...

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