Feb 5, 2016

My thoughts on then Mattel/Hasbro merger rumors

Not gonna happen. This merger rumors have been going around for decades. Now let's pretend it DOES happen. What would this mean... for He-Man, I mean.

My biggest fear is that he'd be shelved. Like Visionaries, MASK, Action Man, etc. The era of barbaric warriors like Conan or He-Man is sadly, gone. I'm  guessing that if the merger were to happen, the Bro would be interested in Barbie more than anything.

If He-Man were to make a cartoon comeback, sadly his chances would only increase with the merger... if Hasbro doesn't shelve him. Mattel seems uninterested in bringing back He-Man... seeing that McG is the director for the movie...

Btw I'm at a Starbucks typing this rant like a hipster.

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