Feb 11, 2016

The Lords of Shadow are shady bastards!

Yet another victim of Gamestop Closing on PR. It's also another game with Hideo Kojima's involvement.
I'm NOW AWARE that the main issue I have was eventually solved with a patch. But, remember that this review WAS WRITTEN when I was without internet and I could not have known about the solution to this issue unless I had Internet and downloaded the patch. Basically, the game sometimes corrupts the SINGLE save file WHILE AUTOSAVING and you lose your game data... Just found out the Hard Way, playing the game on Hard and Reaching the Final Boss. I waited for the Auto Save to complete, checked the HDD light and it wasn't on. Counted to 15 before turning the game off. I had to do some errands. When I came back, Surprise! All my progress LOST!! Also, possible spoilers.

So, Lords of Shadow: A Castlevania Reboot/Prequel to the Castlevania Series. We follow Gabriel Belmont as he tries to rid the world of Evil and stuff... Like a Good Belmont does.

You're a Belmont trying to rid the world of Evil. You're also looking for the one who killed your wife. So, you're aided by a Christopher Lee-Looking Captian Piccard, that points you in the direction of the Evil Lords of Shadow. These guys have a McGuffin that can revive Belmont's wife. This hope is what pushes Gabriel forward facing the evils that plague the world.

They are pretty nice to look at, seeing that Hideo's team had something to do with the game it makes sense. Gabriel looks very Belmont-ish, but at the same time he Kinda looks a bit Dracula-ish. The menagerie of Monsters in the game look amazing.

The controls are 98% perfect. The remaining 2% is a small issue that I have with Light Magic activating on its own whenever I try to pull a defensive roll or collect light magic.

Holy Crap! This game has a heavy amount of people that I wouldn't expect voicing videogames.
Patrick Stewart, Robert Carlyle, Jason Isaacs...
The Music is there and has a bit of a Castlevania feeling... The moment I totally lost it was when I realized what this song was:

Well, Have you seen Crate Ass in Action? Well, Gabriel is basically a Crate Ass Knock off. If you like God of War, then you might feel at home with Gabe Belmont... y'know, Castlevania Lords of Shadow is making me want to give God of War a second chance...

Castlevania Lords of Shadow gets an 8.6 as its Final Score. Just remember to make a Backup of your save on a USB drive... Otherwise, you'll HATE HATE HATE this game... This rather cool game ruined by the Save File issue.

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