Feb 18, 2016

SFV is real

Finally, we get to find out the conclusion from 4 Ultra Arcade Giga Mega Combo of Old Capcom with New Capcom... DLCs up the wazoo and like 7 versions of SFIV. (exaggerated for comedic effect.)

Why do I feel like this?

Perhaps is the lack of Arcade mode, 16 characters out of the tons that Street Fighter has, über lame story mode, changing charge moves on characters to Quarter circle motions... Chun Li's Hyakuretsukyaku is no longer tapping kick rapidly. It's a QCF move. Yes, I KNOW it was a HCF in SFXTekken, but it still stinks that they changed the move.

So, for the lonely player who doesn't do online, the game is worthless.
The new Characters... meh.
So far the only one I like is Rashid (personality wise, not gameplay)

I can't truly review the game seeing that it feels like a demo. What Little I was able to play OFFLINE, seeing that Crapcom had server issues on the 16th, felt very much like Street Fighter IV. Don't get me wrong, the fighting is decent, graphics are nice, but it feels incomplete. I mean SFIV had ANIMATED CUTSCENES that looked like anime, Here we get Storyboard sketches painted in something higher than MS Paint lower than Photoshop.
There's also a season pass and stuff that will be added later to the game.
If you're into online gameplay, then this game is your cup of tea... If not, you might be better off downloading SSFII HD.

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