Feb 14, 2016

Roton is Coming? Matty Showed some Surprises!!

Pic posted originally on He-Man.org forums
Toy Fair's first MOTUC Reveal is apparently a Roton and a Skelcon... ith new head, tunic, loincloth, spear and Dagger. Everything else is part reuse.
Holy Crap! It even Comes with the Canopy piece from the Model Kit...

Oh Holy Crap! I think I may have PARTIALLY GUESSED THIS! Then again, it was kind of an educated guess... minus the Skeleteenah part.

Now this is the part where I bitch and moan about this...

Skelcons are tied to an Expensive vehicle!? (or Robo Horse... Didn't forget about Night Stalker) Take it away Robot Chicken Aliens!

This is the only Surprise to the Schedule. Everything else we already knew. ToyArk has pics of the reveals.
They had protos of Filmation Evil Lyn and Clawful... Clawful is less than impressive. The Evil Lyn, I might get. That Coridite Crystal makes her more desirable. Trap Jaw is meh, at best. Beastman, well, that's a ball of Fail coated in a sweet layer of suck-ass and sprinkles of crappy design work.

Skeletor looks passable... aside the Ankles... I mean I am seriously considering buying him.

Evil Seed is irrelevant, seeing I didn't sub up. Accessories look nice.

I'm a bit confused here: Sunder has a few heads on him: Sunder, Secret of the Sword Black Eyed Trooper from the Horde invasion Flashback, Aqua Trooper head, and what I think is DC's Purple humanoid Trooper head. Wonder if any of these has to do with the rumor of a Single Carded release of the Horde Troopers. He seems to have a weird Horde Bat Sword... But the one Head I DON'T SEE is Sunder without the Helmet. In any case that explains the Lonely Trooper... I think.

Why is the Horde Wraith with an NU52 Adora head, some shield and a Stun Baton? I like the staff the wraith is carrying and I may have to buy 2 more.

I have a raging boner for Despara Right now... Metaphorically speaking. She looks AMAZEBALLS!

Holy Asscrackers! They Corrected Vultak's Forearms!! You're welcome.

Why is Masque there? We already got him... CRITA should have been there.

Tuskador is BIG...

Darius looks Nice as Hell... But man, Anti-He-Man looks Amazeballs... for a Blastic He-Man with a Black CGM Shield and Black Alcala Sword.

Night Stalker... Duuude~ He looks AWESOME!!

Power Con items are well, repaints... very Repainty... Though I NEED Camop Khan in my life!

Thundercats were on Display too, except Jaga and Grune who were shifted to 2017. ToyArk has pics as well. Panthro is MIA... Probably looking for his Blasted Samoflange!
Seems that Interchangeable hands might be a thing:
Lion-O seems to have a normal gripping left hand and a more relaxed left hand. He seems to have 3 Swords of Omens: Long, Dagger and one sculpted on one of the 2 Claw shields. This seems confusing to me. Hopefully later on we'll get a better explanation.

Mumm-Ra has 2 capes, a Staff and a Hilt for the Sword of Plundarr. I suppose the FULL Blade will come with the Ever Living form.

Pumyra seems to have extra hands, her sling and an accessory I can't figure out at the moment.

Jackalman has a halberd and a club.

Somehow it's not the same without Neitlich... There is some sort of flair missing here and I can't quite put my finger on it.

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