Feb 14, 2016

It came from the Toy Chest: Shapoopi's slave.

First figure of the Collector's Choice has finally arrived.
Lord Masque, from the House of Shokoti: Part 1.

I'm not going to go into details, since there is no Neitlichverse bio of him for me to make fun of...
Seriously, look at the bare cardback.

I miss the Bios.

So let's crack him open to see him better, shall we?

 There is something VERY off right off the bat.

The color palette is still VERY OFF on Masque.
The Skin tone is WAY off as well as the gloves and belt. The prototype was more accurate on the belt, though.

If I had an Extra Mo-Larr, maybe I'd bother repainting his body, but for now his body shall remain the same. Pointing this out before I get on with the review because it bugs me so much.

He's a basic MOTUC Buck, so we're used to those since 2009. Nothing to write home about. You've seen one figure without armor, you know what to expect 4.5

Paint and sculpt:
Sculptwise he works. Love the new cape and harness... Hopefully Customizers can make modified casts of it to make a more accurate 200X or classicized Filmation Harness for He-Man, nudge nudge wink wink... The paints, while in the wrong colors, they are decently applied and very little slop on them. The thigh straps may have a bit of dark brown bleed into the thighs, but it's not that noticeable.


A shield and sword meant for New Adventures He-Man for the Thunder Punch variant. So, What about Lord Masque?

Yup! Lord Masque gets NOTHING to call his own... Unless you have spare End of Wars crap weapons lying around.

Masque gets a 3.83 because of his lack of accessories. A second head with Smoke coming out the hood and a broken Mask would have been PERFECT Accessories for him. While I still debate IF I'll go for a full repaint on him, I painted his Mask in a gunmetal black to give it that wrought iron inspired look for him. Yes, it DOES give him a slight Doctor Doom vibe to him.


After posting this rant, I decided to give Masque a Darker brown wash to  well darken his skin. Then a slight drybrush of Blue on his gloves and I ended up with this Masque.

Doesn't he look now Closer to the Cartoon look?

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