Feb 16, 2016

Strategic Butt Coverings... my butt!

I still have to do Women as Reward, but don't know if I wanna sit through that again...
But Strategic Butt Coverings is so facepalm worthy that right out the bat...
I guess I should do a Tigger Warning, but I'll let Ace Ventura do it for me

Yes, there will be pixelated or polygonal butts on this rant. If butts offend you, too bad!

Let the Massive Facepalming begin!

Also, HEY! SHE'S NOT WEARING PLAID!! Now, all jokes aside, she looks somewhat less healthy than before. Not talking about her weight here. Just that something looks a bit off with her, but I can't put my finger on it.

Joe Higashi's famous Taunt is being posted here right out of the bat to prove that Male Butts are NOT Automatically covered because Soggy Knees or Pay Tree Are Key BS.

But, as we already should Know the Saint of Sharkeesia will cherry pick and manipulate her evidence to construct her Narrative.

Remember this butt, it'll be important in the future!

One of many Screen captures from HER OWN video
 in order to show my point with HER OWN evidence.
It should be covered by fair use and the only "remixes" done
are lines on MS Paint to show my point.

I know this is getting ahead of myself here with this screenshot, but it's related to the topic at hand.

Catwoman's Butt is NOT The focus point here.
It's Batman's left Bicep covered by his cape.

But let's keep going with the video:
Alrighty then!

"If you want to get to know a character, learn about their interests, goals, or desires, their butt is probably not going to give you that information. It won’t tell you much about who they are, or what they’re thinking or feeling at any given time."
Well, of course Butts are not going to TELL YOU THAT! Butts are not known for being talkative...
Can someone just roll the Ace Ventura Ass Scene so we can move on?

 Alrighty then!

 But video game designers often choose to put tremendous focus on the butts of certain characters, while going to almost absurd lengths to avoid calling attention to the butts of others. These carefully crafted choices developers make about camera angles and clothing significantly impact how players think about and relate to these characters.
I smell some BS from someone who doesn't understand videogames... but I'll get deeper into it when the time comes.

Third-person games with female protagonists typically display those characters in a way that gives players a full-body view. A classic example of this is the original Tomb Raider games, which are presented from a third-person perspective wherein protagonist Lara Croft’s entire body is visible. In these early Tomb Raider games, Lara’s butt is typically right in the center of the screen, a camera orientation which, along with the sexualized clothing the designers chose to outfit her in, places a tremendous amount of emphasis on that part of her body. 

 Again, screenshots from her example of Tomb Raider (1996): The center of the screen focus on Lara's head or back.
This is what she gets wrong: The camera angle IS NOT USED TO SPECIFICALLY TARGET HER BUTT!
 That is something NORMAL on 3D Games that involve exploring or Platforming Elements.
Something that Tomb Raider HAS LOTS OF!

As you can see on the screenshot collection below, the BUTTS ARE NOT THE FOCUS. The focus is often NEAR THE HEAD of the character and most of the characters are near the bottom section.
Why is this important? Because by keeping the character's whole body near the lower section, it allows you a greater view of the environment around you. You need to see where you'll jump or what enemies are coming in order to fight or avoid. When the camera angle lowers DURING GAMEPLAY, it probably is to add some difficulty or hide a surprise element to increase tension during a section. It's NOT for fan-service. Bonus: Lightning's half cape often gets in the way of her butt. Also, NOTICE how I used More Examples with games using MALE Characters, yet ALL THESE GAMES DO THE EXACT SAME THING WHETHER THE CHARACTER IS MALE OR FEMALE... Bad Research, 'Nita...

In dozens of third-person games with playable female characters, the character’s butt is brought to the forefront and that’s where the player’s focus is directed. In Batman: Arkham City for instance, the player’s gaze is drawn to Catwoman’s behind, which is emphasized by her costume and exaggerated hip sway.
I already explained this, but I want to bring emphasis on the second part of this quote:
Her Costume and Sway:
The Costume is a tight fitting Leather "catsuit" Which is not that Different from what Nightwing wears. But the Sway part has me laughing. Has she NOT SEEN WOMEN WALKING!? Both men and women sway their hips while they walk. Only women have more exaggerated hip sways than men. It's almost as if women had wider hips that make the swaying more pronounced! Not to mention High Heels helping increase the sway, due to them changing the woman's center of gravity. With that said, here in the West, the hip sway is considered sexy and some women PURPOSELY exaggerate the hip sway to appear sexier to a degree. Having Catwoman with a slightly exaggerated hip sway is not really sexism. It's part of Catwoman's character. Also, CATwoman. Her CAT-Like movements require some pronounced hip-sway.

Golden Axe: Beast Rider makes extremely sure that we notice the protagonist’s butt just before we take control and start playing. And here in Tomb Raider: Underworld, to say that Lara’s butt is being emphasized would be putting it mildly.
I have to concede the point in Golden Axe, but that was a cut scene. Not Gameplay. What She does in the Underworld Clip is a bit Sneaky. She's using the free roaming Camera TO PUT EMPHASIS ON HER BUTT ON PURPOSE... Some of the Hitman incident dishonesty is still going on. Also, I'm pretty sure that Lara Croft's Most appealing Asset is not her butt... I'm thinking in pairs higher up on her body... and on the front.
 Let’s contrast the way that women’s butts are emphasized with the sometimes absurd lengths taken to cover up or hide men’s butts. If some of this footage looks jerky, that’s because in some games, trying to get a glimpse of male characters’ butts can feel a bit like wrestling with the camera.
 Right out of the bat... pun completely intended. I have an ass Clip of Batman from Arkham City. Sure it's the Batman Beyond skin, but it's there. Do I need to point out the previous Screenshot with The Grinch, Spidey, Mario, Wolverine, etc?
Easily visible butts with NO Camera angle fidgeting. Then there's the Joe Higashi Taunt, which is in some cases a 1 button press.

We also have Trevor's ass, I could mention a lot of the Capcom and SNK Sprite Based games with deliciously pixelated Male Asses. I could also mention the Metal Gear Solid Series and their excess of Male Ass.

Common ways men’s butts are hidden are by preventing the player from seeing below the character’s waistline, or employing a more over-the-shoulder camera angle, which has the added benefit of keeping the character’s butt safely out of the frame. The most amusing solution is to simply include a cape, tunic, long coat or very conveniently positioned piece of tattered fabric which actively prevents the player from getting a clear or sustained look at the protagonist’s butt. For the purposes of this video I tried to get a glimpse of Batman’s rear end, but it’s as if his cape is a high-tech piece of Wayne Industries equipment designed to cover up his butt at all costs. I like to jokingly refer to this aspect of a male character’s costume as the strategic butt covering.

Something that I already mentioned it's not true. Shown plenty of Male Characters with NO CAPES, TATTERED CLOTHING that covers their butts WITHOUT having to "fight with the camera". I already explained WHY the Camera angle is used on certain games and Lookee here:


Resident Evil using Over the Shoulder Camera angles FOR FEMALE CHARACTERS!? Games that are MAINLY shooters tend to favor Over the Shoulder or First Person Camera. Games that favor exploring, and/or platforming tend to favor 3rd person view from a farther angle. (Some of these may include shooting elements.) There is NO Sexist origin for that. Now on Batman's Cape. Capes NORMALLY DRAPE due to gravity. Funny that she selectively ignores NIGHTWING. Other People have better documented Batass pics. But Poor 'Nita forgets something: If she wanted to see Batass she should have just done this:

(Also, she seems to be unaware of Batgirl being playable in the latest Arkham game)

Of course, not all games with male protagonists keep the character’s butt obscured or out of frame like these games do. The real issue is one of emphasis and definition; a significant portion of third-person games with female protagonists call attention to those characters’ butts in a way that’s meant to be sexually appealing to the presumed straight male player. In this regard, the way that women’s bodies are depicted is significantly different from the way that men’s bodies are depicted. There are a few examples of male protagonists who are wearing clothing that calls attention to their butts but for the most part, men’s butts, even when visible in the frame, are deemphasized. Plenty of male heroes wear baggy pants or jeans, Uncharted’s Nathan Drake among them, but nothing about his visual design or the jeans he’s wearing encourages you to focus on his butt as some sort of defining aspect of his character.

'Nita's ignorance of games is showing:
Many games, especially the Japanese games try to make their characters "sexy/appealing" I mean look at Raiden:
According to Shinkawa in the featurette The Making of Metal Gear Solid 2, the primary reason why Raiden is designed as a bishonen (a "pretty boy") is because a fan letter stated that the addresser in question did not want to "play a story with an old man." Kojima also mentions similar reasons in the documentary Metal Gear Saga Vol. 1.

Then we Have Nomura's designs for MOST Final Fantasy Characters from VII and Beyond. Squall being inspired by Gackt AND River Phoenix.

On the other Hand PLENTY of Male Heroes wear Skin-tight clothes:
Spider-Man, Solid Snake, Nightwing, Wolverine, Raiden. Not to mention that we have FREAKING VOLDO!! Shows ass, is a gimp and can hump you to death.

By contrast, the emphasis placed on the butts of female characters communicates to players that this is what’s important, this is what you should be paying attention to. It communicates that the character is a sexual object designed for players to look at and enjoy. And by explicitly encouraging you to ogle and objectify the character, the game is implicitly discouraging you from identifying directly with her. Strategic butt coverings and camera angles that obscure or de-emphasize male characters’ rear ends are not an accident; they are a conscious decision made with great care, and the flipside of this is that designers often do the opposite when the protagonist is female.
BULL FRICKING CRAP! This is completely false. On Cutscenes, yes, some developers DO PUT emphasis on their butts or boobs, but when in gameplay, making sure that the butt is the focus is simply FALSE. Before watching this video I decided to play Tomb Raider II for the Playstation. I noticed something. I was never focused on Lara's butt or boobs while PLAYING THE GAME. My focus was on making sure that I could pass each stage WITHOUT DYING!! The only times I ACTUALLY NOTICED HER BUTT was when looking at Let's plays while figuring out a way to pass a puzzle that had me stumped. (Let's plays are the Strategy guides of THE FUTURE!!)
While, yes, there are Female Fan-Service characters, there's plenty of MALE Fan-Service characters, and we also have Voldo.

This difference in how male and female characters are framed often extends into the advertisements and box covers. Women’s butts are front and center, and it’s even become a depressing joke that their bodies are twisted and contorted in uncomfortable or unnatural ways so that their breasts and butt can be visible in the same shot. In contrast, when men are depicted from behind, there is great effort taken to cover up their rear end, often with other images or shadows.
Sex Sells. That's a harsh reality, also most of those poses CAN BE DONE, even by FAT people. Also, to be fair, if the Main Target demographic is straight males, how does Male butts appeal to Straight Males...

Of course, female characters can also be framed in ways that aren’t objectifying. A good example of this is the episodic adventure game Life Is Strange, in which the protagonist’s butt isn’t emphasized or centralized; the camera angles work in conjunction with the story to encourage us to identify with her as a human being. Sadly, the box art for the third-person action-adventure game Beyond Good & Evil emphasizes and sexualizes Jade’s butt. The game itself, however, demonstrates that the Nathan Drake approach of outfitting a character in clothing that doesn’t emphasize their butt and not having the camera center it or focus on it can work just as well to humanize female characters as it does for male characters.

Game cover is emphasizing boobs, not butt. I know the piece of Promotional Art she speaks of, but even St. Jade's design is made to emphasize her boobs. Check how the sling separates ther body in two and has one boob on one hemisphere and the second boob on the other.
But whaddya know? Look at the Camera Angle!
It emphasizes her butt! I mean it's nearly in the same spot on the Screen as Lara's is. (and you know that she said that Tomb Raider emphasizes Lara's Butt as the most important thing, so with Jade it's the same thing.) While yes, she is wearing baggier pants. The bagginess is on the legs but her butt shape is very emphasized. She is basically BS-ing and letting games she likes "pass"  while games she doesn't like "fail" at what she is trying to say.
So to be clear, the solution here is not to simply show more butts of male characters. Equal opportunity butt display is definitely not the answer. Rather, the solution is to deemphasize the rear ends of female characters, so that players are encouraged not to ogle and objectify these women, but to identify and empathize with them as people. This is not an impossible task given that game designers do this all the time with their male characters. It’s time they started consistently doing it with their female characters, too.
Using her own standards we've shown that games ALREADY HAVE Equal Opportunity butt Display... I also noticed that there are more Nude Male Butts than Female nude butts. Now here's the kicker. She only wants Female Butts to be deemphasized, but do NOTHING to the male counterparts. Sure she tries to say that it only happens to females, but I just gave you a small example on how it happens to male characters and at a bigger scale, seeing that male characters outnumber female characters (which she has already brought up before.)

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