Feb 11, 2016

Spider-Man: Shattered dimensions shattered my heart.

Normally I don't start with a Disclaimer:
This rant was written during the period I've been without internet and there could be an update to the game that may fix my main issue.

I have that disclaimer because I don't want people bitching or complaining about "Issue X is fixed in a patch! Download it!"

So, As you may know from a previous Rant, Gamestop is saying goodbye to Puerto Rico... I blew a buttload of points that I had to get a couple of games from them and this is the first of the Gamestop is leaving forever, let me buy super cheap used games for the House of Rants reviews, well Reviews!

My favorite Marvel Superhero is Spider-Man, so, seeing that this is a "Comic Book" Spidey game, I was drawn into it immediately.

Shattered Dimensions is similar to the Neversoft Spider-Man game for the PS1 (Should make a Looking Back review on it sometime this year...)
This means that the game is NOT an OPEN WORLD GAME (like Web of Shadows), but one based on different Stages.

I'll get more into it as I rate it. With Games I use the Scale of 1 to 10 instead of the 1-5 from the toys.

The premise is simple: Mysterio was stealing an ancient Tablet and Spidey intervenes. During the fight, Spidey accidentally breaks the tablet, fragmenting reality. Madame Web makes Spider-Man retrieve the fragments... or should I say makes Spider-MEN retrieve the fragments across dimensions and time. Hence the Title Shattered Dimensions. This means, The Amazing Spidey, Ultimate Universe Spidey, Spider-Man 2099, and a Spider-Man from a parallel world where Everything is very Film Noir are working together to one same goal.

6.5 (Sadly, my copy of the game will not load one of the last 2 missions before unlocking the Final stage. So I cannot judge the story completely)


The graphics here are a curious thing: They are good, but the peculiar thing is that the ART STYLE for each dimension is different:
Amazing has a cel shade look but looks more comic book like. Ultimate looks more like a Digital comic. 2099 looks more Futuristic and has a bit of a look that reminds me a bit of the holographic cards from the 90s. Noir, well It's in Black and white and has this ol' timey gangster movie style to it.


The controls are mostly responsive. there's a few times where it feels like they have a slight delay on the input which can make the difference between life and death more marked... (Deadpool stage comes to mind)

Sounds and music:
The music of this game is very forgettable. The voices on the other hand, are not.
We have 4 Spideys all voiced by 4 Spidey VAs.
Amazing Spidey is none other than Doogie Howser M.D. himself, Neil Patrick Harris! He voiced the MTV Spidey Series that was inspired by the First Tobey-Man Movie
Ultimate Spidey is voiced by Joshua Keaton, the Spectacular Spider-Man. (Insert Young Ocelot Reference here)
Spider-Man Noir is voiced By Christopher Daniel Barnes, Prince Eric on The Little Mermaid and Prince Charming on the Cinderella sequels. He was Greg Brady in the Brady Bunch movie... and the Fox Kids Spider-Man series of the 90s. Don't make me use the Morbius Clip...
Last but Not Least 2099 is voiced by G1 Bumblebee, Dan Gilvezan, also known as Spider-Man from Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. Bumblebee was the 80s Spidey... There is still hope for a Will Friedle Spidey... only if we erase Drake Bell.

Here comes the part that Shattered my heart: The stage that won't load on my copy is the Doctor Octopus stage. This is no normal Otto Octavius Ock... And thank goodness, seeing that Efrem Zimbalist Jr. passed away a while back. No, this Doctor Octopus is a woman!! Who was voiced by... You have 3 guesses. I'll give you a hint: It's not Jennifer Hale, but has voiced characters in BOTH the Metal Gear Solid Series, as well as Spider-Man. Also, I've heard she has a nice butt.


As I mentioned, the game is 4 smaller games fragmented in different stages. You basically run through a gauntlet chasing the villain, then you fight the villain and get a piece of the Tablet, lather rinse repeat. The only Spidey with something Slightly different is Noir, with the Stealth Segments, but those are repetitive as well.

The game gets a 7.7 but this score could change if I could play the rest of it and get the complete story. It's a decent Spidey game and it reminds me of the Neversoft Spider-Man game in a good way... With that said, I currently prefer the Sandbox style games for Spidey.

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