Feb 23, 2016

I kinda want a new Justice League show to be like Teen Titans go...

I am aware of me saying how much I LOATHE Teen Titans Go! BUUUUUUUT thanks to Cartoon Network Brainwashing... Seriously, every time I put on CN at non-AS hours, they're showing Gumball or TTGo! I want a Just-us League show like that... Small catch? I want it on the Adult Swim section of CN.

You're wondering WHY? Simple: It started with a Facebook posts by friends about posting Dick Pics and Nerds sending Dick Pics... Dick Grayson pics that is!

So, I went on a tangent about Batman and his feelings for his young ward. So I kinda pictured Hal Jordan and Barry Allen trying to get Batman to say "I love Dick" for laughs.

Then another idea popped into my head. This one I did not post. Hal Jordan trying to prove he's a better superhero than Batman and they trade places. Jordan gets his ass kicked at Gotham since he sucks without his ring. Batman comes back wearing a Sinestro Corps ring, now renamed Batman Corps and Green Lanterns have become obsolete thanks to Batman.

Had also a few ideas going on with Superman being the Perennial Boyscout (and to some extent a party pooper) all the time, except when he's not. (keeping some of the ol' Superdickery alive, but he blames it on Kryptonite) Whenever he doesn't get things his way he goes to the Fortress of Solitude.

Batman being Obsessive about Justice, Vengeance, Prep Time. In one of the "episodes" I imagined, Batman learned about the Arisia Rrab Incident and added Jordan to the list of Criminal Scum he is trying to get rid of. Batman then spends the rest of the episodes trying to bait Jordan in a "To Catch a Predator" kind of thing. Going to the point of even getting Chris Hansen involved in one of the Bat-Schemes... BTW Batman always refers to himself in third person as The Goddamn Batman, EXCEPT when he does the "I am Vengeance, I am the Night, I am BATMAN!!" bit. After Dick decided to move with the Titans, Batman tried to find a Replacement Robin in Jason Todd, but he couldn't stand the whiny Todd, so he dressed up as the Joker and beat the living crap out of him.

Hal is a massive DOUCHE... Think ALL of Ryan Reynolds' characters. Hal often is trying to get inside the pants of ANYTHING Female. (doesn't matter if Human or alien.)

Wonder Woman is basically a Fish out of Water character, due to her Themysciran  Upbringing. She finds herself attracted to Feminism, but is able to criticize the most ridiculous aspects of it.

Flash is a jokester but not that mean as the rest of his teammates. He did try to dress up as Speedy Gonzalez for Halloween and Superman, being the Sanctimonious prick he is, tried guilt tripping Barry into NOT wearing the costume because of Cultural stereotypes, but it was because Superman had a Speedy Gonzalez costume himself.

The fifth slot is a rotating "guest" slot each episode. In one Episode we have Green Arrow and Batman gets jealous since the team is enjoying the "Batman-wannabe with a Robin Hood Fetish" more than him. He even tries to bribe the team, but Green Arrow makes it rain. When Aquaman shows up and proves he's super competent, Hal tries to smear Aquaman's reputation by wearing an Aquaman costume and acting like the Super Friends version. Arisia shows up in one episode (the one where Batman learns about Pedo-Lantern. Guy Gardner shows up on the same episode, but Batman incapacitates him with One Punch.

I know this won't happen, but it was kinda cool thinking a lot of these scenarios.

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