Feb 12, 2016

Sorry, but I couldn't resist making a Commando Reference... Well If I didn't make ANY Commando References for this Review, I'd better quit at my job here and stick to my normal person job. I'm Reviewing NECA'S Ultimate John Matrix...

Warning: this is a NECA Toy, remember to preheat the joints before testing Articulation.
Sadly, these past few years, NECA Has done a sub-Par job in QC Especially in the Aliens and Predators lines, so BE MEGA CAREFUL HERE!!
I had a slight QC issue: the gun holster got detached from his vest IN BOX. It's barely noticeable unless I do some crazy pose with him. I realized while uploading the pics to the rant.

Now Articulation:
He's pretty Articulated as seen with Modern NECA Figures. (The Articulation is different to the SFIV figures, which were the last NECA items I bought.)
He has the Infamous Hasbro Elbows and the knees are the same way. The hands and feet are on balljoints as well as the abs. (not 100% sure seeing that John cannot take off the vest.) He has a Decent Range of Articulation, which I'm surprised, because he looks a lot stiffer than he really is... (AGAIN BE MEGA CAREFUL HERE... NECA's QC issues.)

Paint and Sculpt:
Sculptwise, He LOOKS like Arnold in Commando when he goes on a rampage to save his dear Jenny.
Look at him and look at all the details on his vest, webgear, the camo body paint. Again careful here. Moving certain body parts could cause slight scratching on the paint, especially the added body paint.

He has his Desert Eagle, that fits on his holster, his knife that fits on his sheath. BTW he cannot grip the knife like how a MOTU Figure grips a sword. The knife can rest on his hands and with some creative posing, you can make it look like he's holding it. He has his rifle and Machinegun. He has the Rocket Launcher that can be carried on his back or used as a weapon with 2 Rockets to be displayed on the launcher as if they are being fired by it.

John gets a 4.67 as his final score. If it wasn't for NECA's INFAMOUS QC, I'd say Buy him, hell, Buy 2 so you can tear out the vest off of one to have a Shirtless John Matrix. (He seems to have some body paint hidden by his torso.) If you buy him, you're doing it at your own risk.

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