Feb 10, 2016

The House of Rants should Return to normal soon!

I'm going to get the Internet issue fixed sometime Before Valentine's day, so Stuff should be returning to normal soon. While I was unable to post ALL the time, I did write down some rants that would need to have pics and Internet links added to them by the time I get my Internet back...

Seriously, I frigging Miss the Internet... No, not because of Porn... But the amount of info it gave me not to mention Rant Material...

Kinda bummed that I missed out on Princess Plaid throwing in the towel and basically admitting that she wouldn't finish the Tropes vs. Videos as she originally intended. She's switching topics and making them super short... Your $160,000 at work. The worst part is that the supporters are happy that she is pretty much NOT FULFILLING HER PROMISE with the Kickstarter. By doing this she's pretty much giving her detractors... Take it away, Snake!

I missed out on the MOTU Documentary Kickstarter campaign.
I also missed out on this:

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