Feb 16, 2016

Rambo: The Videogame: The Rant

Yet another Victim of Gamestop calling it Quits on Puerto Rico.
Rambo: The Videogame. It covers First Blood, First Blood Part II, and Rambo III. It ignores Rambo (4th and Final movie, seeing that Stallone supposedly said he wasn't going to play Rambo anymore.)

So, let's talk the game, shall we?

I kinda gave it away more or less by telling you that you are Rambo and you go through all 3 movies. There is not much to talk here, since that would be me talking about the 3 Rambo movies.


I could rant a lot about the graphics, but I'll let this video speak for itself.

This is a 2014 PS3 Game... Why do they look slightly upgraded PS1 skins attached to PS2 Body Frames?

Sounds and Music:

Do you like the instrumental version of It's A Long Road? Cause you're going to hear it a lot! Voiceovers are rather awful. Hell! even IMDB doesn't even have a list of who voiced who...


As you can see on the Graphics video, the game is a shooter on rails, Time Crisis, Area 51, Revolution X, etc. But it also has:

Yup, ON Rails Shooter + QTEs... This is Rambo now! But it's not AS Horrible as it sounds... It still is BAD, but not Uwe Boll Bad.

Better get the PS Move out... It improves the Experience... Using the PS3 is

7.0 with Move 5.5 without Move (which is approximately close to 20% less cool. )

Rambo gets a 5.8 using the Move as a controller and a 5.5 using the Normal Controller. The game is not THAT BAD, it's just that the controls are so-so, Horrible graphics, average gameplay, repetitive music and horrible voice work. Avoid like the plague. This is why Movie based games get a bad rap...

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