Feb 21, 2016

Sore wa omocha-bako kara kimashita Supaidāman

Huge discount for Gamestop Leaving PR. He was
already loose on Display.
As reimagined by Kingdom Heart's Tetsuya Nomura... But without Zippers, Oversized boots or feathers and trenchcoats. Yes, I know he did many of the designs of FFVII and other games post VII, but I had to open with a Kingdom Hearts reference because Holy Crap! I have a PS4 and KH3 will come to PS4!!
This is basically a Redesign of Spider-Man... A redesign that makes ZERO SENSE for a guy with so little resources as Peter Parker, but it exists.
The Spider-Man fan in me couldn't resist so here it goes: Play Arts Kai Spider-Man (remember to ALWAYS Hyphenate Spider-Man)

This Spidey has a Decent Range of Articulation... Though I wish his hips had better Range though. As always I used the Spidey Test to see if he is Worthy. He passes, but needed a slight bit more to be perfect.
I feel like I wanna Play some MVC2

some Male Butt action for 'Nita...

Paint and Sculpt:
The sculpt is cool looking, very Japanese Mecha inspired. Mine had a small issue on a thigh... other than that the paintwork is pretty good. Some of the Articulation makes the figure look a bit off, but that is partially an issue with the engineering of this figure and the visual design.
these weblines need Viagra!

It has an acrobatic stand, not pictured since it's stuck to the box and I don't want to damage the box.
Tons of hands... 10 to be precise, 3 Weblines (one long to hold on to, 2 to shoot) 1 webbing net end (to have Spidey firing off a web net or preparing a Web Shield) 2 Web blast tips. The weblines droop a little bit due to gravity... Little Warning.
sideways Shoryuken!!

Overall: Spidey gets a 4.83 as his score, which is a great score, especially for a non-traditional Spidey. There is a small part of me that is curious of seeing a Tetsuya Nomura redesigned Doctor Octopus.
At least it's a better looking Japanese Spider-Man than the last one...

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