Feb 14, 2016

Thoughts on Deadpool.

The movie was Vulgar, Violent, Profane, Blood, lots of guts, breasts, and Ryan Reynolds' Behind!

References, references everywhere... Fourth Wall? Look left. Deadpool did that. He asked me to use ponies to count, so I brought my little uh, My Little Ponies... Yeah, I'm a piss poor substitute for Deadpool, but the Poolman himself was to busy and delegated the review/rant to me.

That is a good thing since I don't have enough money to pay for his services and then he'd kill me and I value my life too much to be killed.

So, yes, Deadpool like his comic counterpart is fully aware that he's part of a movie series. He references it multiple times... There's even some references to Brakapool.

For the love that is holy, DO NOT TAKE CHILDREN TO SEE Skull Poop L
It's DEFINITELY NOT for children, as stated above.
So, do yourself a favor and go watch Skull Poop It's the only good Marvel based thing to come out of Fox since Days of Future Past... We'll see if X-Men: Poe Dameron is just as good.

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