Feb 23, 2016

The whole Kesha thing is annoying.

Facebook is flooded with news and articles regarding Kesha... 90-something percent of them asking to Free Kesha, screaming rape left and right and how unfair the judge's decision was...

The thing is that most of the people reposting seem to forget ONE TEENSY Word:

ALLEGEDLY as in Dr. Luke ALLEGEDLY raped Kesha. But I'll get to the point of this in a little while.

The judge decision was in favor of keeping the contract that Kesha signed, BECAUSE SHE HAD NO PROOF OF WHY IT SHOULD BE NEGATED. Here's where the rape part comes in. Being raped (literally speaking) by your producer is a valid reason to have a contract made null and void.
Problem is that Kesha has no proof that she was raped. Dr. Luke has not been declared guilty of rape. Then there's the whole 2011 declarations where Kesha says she was not drugged nor raped by Dr. Luke. 

Now, I have no horse on this race, but this is messed up! Seeing as Dr. Luke has not been declared guilty, I will be using hypotheticals. These will be centered on Kesha, seeing that she is making the accusations.
Assuming Kesha is lying about the situation, she should be punished to the full extent of the Law for lying about it in order to weasel out of a contract.

Assuming she is telling the truth AND Dr.Luke is found not guilty, Kesha is screwed for NOT HAVE GONE and gathered the proof needed to prove her rape (getting a rape kit shortly after the event, reporting said rape to the authorities.) Then there's the whole declarations from 2011 where she would have been "lying under oath" if she was indeed raped.

Assuming she is telling the truth AND Dr.Luke is found guilty, then HE should be punished to the full extent of the Law.

No matter how we slice this, Kesha will not come out smelling like roses here. If the rape case against Dr.Luke falls in his favor, she'll be seen like a greedy attention whore who is willing to ruin other's reputations in order to move her career forward.

If the rape case falls in her favor, then she will be seen as a liar who is willing to lie in order to advance her career.

Due Process, whether we like it or not, exists for a reason.

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