Feb 21, 2016

Finally I got my hands on the Knight of Arkham.

Just to be clear I will not gonna spoil his Identity, because Comic Book Bat Fans will figure it out pretty fast... a LOT FASTER than the World's Greatest Detective. But yeah, it's the Final installment of the Arkham Series...
We went to the Asylum, then a small closed off section of the City, now we see the rest of Gotham in the thrilling conclusion to the Arkham series.

So, put on your bat cowl... You can wear the Adam West gear from Mattycollector, seeing that THAT BATSUIT is a DLC item. Drop your voice an octave and become Vengeance, become the NIGHT!!! BECOME BATMAN!!!

Once again, we have Kevin Conroy as the voice of Batman and Mark Hamill as Joker (Flashbacks from the events of Arkham City. The Joker does not appear in this game due to Arkham City's storyline.) Princess Bookhorse is now the voice of Harley Quinn. Arlene Sorkin retired after Arkham Asylum. They changed Oracle to a Sparkling Vampire. They did a few changes in VAs but those have been redacted due to spoilers... and Let's start this review before I go on a tangent and the ratings part ends up an empty void.

After the insane events of Arkham City, spoilers redacted, because you should play the Trilogy... and it seems maybe add Origins to it. So, There has been no Joker activity for some time. Gotham seems to have reached a new era of peace. Until Scarecrow decides to ruin it for everyone. Using a Super Fear Toxin, he forces evacuation on Gotham... Now it's up to the Dark Knight to stop Scarecrow and his new Bodyguard, The eponymous Arkham Knight.

Being a Game of the Arkham series, you know that the graphics will be amazing... and there is plenty of Nightwing ass to stare at. Gotham looks bleak, gothic, dark, but you'll be seeing it most of the time in the weird Detective Mode colors.

Sounds and Music:
The music has this Batman vibe. it's not Danny Elfman's 89 Batman, but it works... they more Dark Knight Trilogy sounding... The voicework is impressive, Especially by having Conroy and Hamill reprise their roles as Batman and Joker. (No need to mention that they were the best Batman and Joker VAs... Thank Batman TAS for that) The rest of the VAs have done a great job, but I need to point out the reuse of the best Batman and Joker

Controls are responsive and if you've played the previous Arkham games, you'll feel Quite comfortable when Controlling the B-Man. Especially now with the Bigger Crowds and the new FEAR takedowns... I shudder in anticipation.
Now, the Car... That's a different story.

The controls are set up a bit weird for controlling a car. R2 Accelerates, but Reverse/Brake is Square. L2 is Battle Mode. This messes up some of the racing times in some of the races. Also, the Batmobile feels like the tires are under constant attack by Mister Freeze. It handles POORLY!!
6.0 (Blame the Batmobile)

If you've played past Arkham games, you know what to expect here... Now add the Car in the most cumbersome ways possible.
Have Races against the clock for Riddler clues/trophies in the car that handles poorly. Fight waves of  unmanned enemies in the car. Solve puzzles WITH THE CAR. Drive the Car via Remote Control to reach your position!! Chase Enemies that somehow are WAY FASTER THAN the Batmobile!
Screw the Batmobile and its ICY tires!!

The Arkham Knight gets an 8.0 as its final score here... I blame the Batmobile for the game's shortcomings... and an easy to predict secret ID of the Arkham Knight. They are VERY IN YOUR FACE ABOUT IT... All that is missing is a SIGN SAYING THE ARKHAM KNIGHT IS...

But I'm not that kind of guy... You'll figure out the secret on your own...

But one thing I AM going to spoil:
Best Game Over Scene EVER!!


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