Mar 9, 2016

But you haven't finished Tropes v. Women in videogames!? why are you moving on?

Ah, You REALLY WANT People to think of you as a scam Artist, aren't ya?
You are not fulfilling your promise of Tropes vs Women in videogames, to the point that you Altered the deal and blamed your depression on it. Seeing that your Jack Thompson-esque crusade against videogames failed HARD(er than the reactions SONY expected for the GB Reboot); you're moving on to a different Project.

Let's be honest here. I am a bit interested in this project, because Read the Title:
Ordinary Women: Daring to Defy History

Tell me if that doesn't sound like an interesting title. It's about strong women throughout history that dared to stand up against the norm. There have been a few popular women through History like Cleopatra, or Margaret Thatcher just to name two. Now this is a project where she is supposed to shine through because this is NOT Videogames

and she's admitted she doesn't like videogames. Here, she can talk about something she likes and it IS Noticeable.

Compared to her soulless droning when doing TvWiVG (It could be because she's in Pitchwoman mode.) Seriously, there's a spark in her eyes that was missing when doing the TvWiVG videos.
While it seems like an interesting premise, I do not trust her. That's why I will not post any link for donations and say that you should NOT DONATE to her. I'd like to see this if it were made, but you should NOT DONATE TO THIS PROJECT. Why?

-Tropes vs Women in videogames got 26 times the money she claimed she needed to complete the series. She did not complete the series on time. We're reaching the 4th year AFTER it was supposed to be completed and still nothing. (she wanted $6,000 back then)

-She haphazardly "worked through" the series to the point that she's adding unrelated videos (like McIndouche's "Privileges for being Male" video as part of the series) in order to pad her work, but she's decreased the quality of said videos by turning the promised 20+ minute videos to 5-10 Minute videos.

-Now she wants $200,000 for this project. See the issue here? She couldn't deliver a series that was supposed to cost $6,000 when she got 26 times the amount she needed, but now she wants TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS!? No. Just no. (I know animation isn't cheap but Remember her top notch animation with The Legend of the Last Princess idea pitch that no one made into a game?) I also forgot, part of the money is to see her play dress up. She's going to dress up like the women she'll speak about.
Also, you're doing Ching Shih? As in the one who had a code that said if a Pirate raped a Woman they were killed, BUT if a Pirate had CONSENSUAL SEX with a woman, he was beheaded and the woman was given Cannonball shoes and tossed to the ocean? Google it! Ching Shih's pirate code... Remember that this is the same 'Nita who complained about random female videogame characters being killed. She's cool with a Pirate... who killed real women for having consensual sex. I'm confused here.

IF this project was being made by a Different Company, I'd be excited about this. Sadly, the person behind this project has me very worried about this. She is not to be trusted.

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