Mar 28, 2016

It came from the Toy Chest: DC Collectibles, you have Failed this Toyline!

Take a wild guess WHICH DC Collectibles Toyline I am talking about... I'll give you a hint...

Then again, you should have guessed it by the whole

reference in the Title.
Now, just because I USED the "You have Failed" reference does not mean that the toy sucks... That is determined by the Ratings System.

So, do I need to explain who Arrow is?
OK, so Arrow is basically a Liberal version of Batman with a Robin Hood Fetish. The reason WHY we have Arrow as a show instead of Batman (No, Gotham doesn't count) is because Warner Bros. is afraid of having the Trinity on TV... I mean, I get not having Superman... Oh wait, there is a SUPERGIRL TV series currently airing, so the "We couldn't do Superman because of budget" is Pure BS. But back on topic... Oliver Queen is basically a Poor Man's Bruce Wayne. I mean look at all the Bat-similarities:
Diggle is Alfred, Felicity is Oracle, Lauren is Kinda Barbara Gordon/Bartgirl, Roy is Dick, Thea is Jason Todd, Not to mention that Ra's Al Ghul offered a daughter to him as a wife. There is even a possible Damian Wayne ersatz.

Let's open the toy and see what he's got:
I'll let the pic talk for itself.
One issue I have is that this figure is VERY STIFF and hard to pose. He has decent Articulation points, But the problem is that many of them have a LIMITED RANGE OF MOTION. I originally tried to pose him with a 1:12 Motorcycle, but I couldn't get him to ride in a natural pose. I was testing to see if I could recreate some poses he often does. Riding a Bike is one of them. Don't even think about asking for the Shirtless Ad poses.

So, seeing that he has a Bow and Arrow, I tried to have him doing the Archer pose...
It can barely be done.
The Bow wobbles on his hand and his arrow is crooked. Plus his arms don't have the range of movement needed to. From some angles it looks more Awkward than Stephen Amell trying to shoot a Toy bow for Children 8 and under. 3.0

Paint and Sculpt:
Gentle Giant did a good job of capturing Amell's Likeness for The Arrow. There is no visible slop on the figure. There is a little paint bleed on the arrows but that's not too noticeable in person.

Ollie has a Bow and Arrow... He also has a Bunch of Arrows. He has enough stuff, but somehow he feels lacking, for a figure specifically made for collectors... 3.0

The Arrow gets a 3.5 as his final score. DC Collectibles DID NOT FAIL, but they need to do better... They did a BETTER LOOKING Arrow than Mattel Problem is that he is incredibly stiff and while it has better POA than the Mattel figure, the Mattel Figure MIGHT be more poseable.

The figure is on the 6.5-7-inch scale.

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