Mar 2, 2016

Celebrating Fuller House getting a Season 2

Remember the full House Sequel that was coming to Netflix? It got out and...
People are complaining, but mostly the same perennially offended people who are killjoys and need to retreat into their safespaces... But Netflix is like, "Whatevs'!" and we have a Season 2 coming...

In order to celebrate Season 2, I shall post a pic of the Two reasons most dudes are watching Fuller House.
I'd make a reference as to these being the best pair of twins in the entire series AND it's prequel, but that would be "sexist, soggy knee stick!" and more buzzwords, but come on! Everyone must have thought DAYUM! Lil' Stephanie Tanner grew up! (and having flashbacks to Bob Saget's stand up comedy...)

But, aside Steph's Marvelous Mammary Mega Melons... (Yeah! I've been aching to use that alliteration for quite some time. Mmmm!) The next best thing the show has is Jabs at the Olsen Twins!

So, let's see if the Sequel can match the Original's 8 seasons...
Also, screw the Olsen Twins... not in that way, dude!

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