Mar 31, 2016

Odds and Ends March 31st 2016

Street Fighter V got an update... You can use Alex from SFIII for a Limited Time and play his story mode... If you bought the Season Pass, you get to keep him. If not, then you have to go online and earn a ton of "Crapcom Currency" or wait until the "SFV Crapcom Store" allows you to buy him for real money. They may have also given us Alpha Ryu Skin and Policewoman Chun Li skin... This is not good. No Arcade mode to Hone our skills in true combat. (Survival Mode is BS. It's stuck to one round and the "Boosts" are not part of the vs experience.) Playing Online is a mess, because you get either Super Hardcore players, or trolls who ragequit and you lose your "Currency". If you don't play online, you're outta luck. You'll have to take out the
So $60 + X, Y, Z, A, B, C... It keeps adding up!

What a load of crap!!

Now moving on to Kooler things... There is a Figure Koming up that will make you say Oh Krap!!
a Mortal Kombat 1 Scorpion Figure in the SEVEN INCH SCALE! All I could find about the Company is that they are making a 13 inch Hulk Hogan figure, They altho made a Mike Tython and a Dennis Rodman... Not NBA Dennis Rodman, but I got drunk and somehow ended up married to Carmen Electra Dennis Rodman.

Keep it together now... I'm afraid I have some bad news... Tom Hiddleston may be heading for his last appearance as Loki in Ragnarok...

Now to be fair, Ragnarök is basically the Norse Apocalypse... no relation to Poe Dameron. So, it kinda makes sense for Loki's final appearance being in Ragnarök. But there may be hope, Loki fangirls... Pray that Marvel wants some Hiddleston in the Infinity War... I mean, we got Underoos! to appear in the MCU thanks to a deal with SONY...

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