Mar 16, 2016

Sequels, why did it have to be sequels?

Yes, that's right! We ARE getting a Sequel to The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It'll be released in 2019 and Harrison Ford will be 77 by then... a 77 Year Old Indiana Jones running about raiding tombs and fighting Not-Nazis, seeing that Crystal Skull was in 1957.

Here's my Beef and I am not talking about Praising God for it... Harrison Ford was in his Early 70s (72-73-ish) while Filming The Force Awakens and all he did was pretty much complain and
became the next Aerith... It's been four months, it's now fair game!! Indiana Jones Movies are more Action Packed than what he had to do in Star Wars.

Yeah, I can definitely see the 75-77-ish year old man pulling all these off!
This opens up my greatest fear...
No, no,nonononono NOOO!!
The Return! Of! THE BEEF!!

Will this be the SECOND ATTEMPT to pass off the Torch to Mutt Williams? Or will we see a FINAL SIXTH INDIANA JONES MOVIE in 202X?

They kinda ruined the Whole "LAST CRUSADE" thing with the poopy Crystal Skull...

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