Mar 1, 2016

It came from the Toy Chest: Tito the Builder... Can he fix it?

No, he can't because he ain't no Bob... Wait, wasn't he a Dino Herder?
I am talking, of course about Tytus, the Tiny Giant. Like Megator after him (Matty Order) before him (House of Rants order) Tytus is a MOTUC Tiny Giant and has less Articulation than a Standard Figure, is Smaller than his vintage counterpart. He was a Rare figure in the Vintage Line and he was made in Classics early on. Let's see what the fuzz is all about.

Same as Megator, click on the link of the Megator Review to view the Giants' Articulation.
The only difference is a Partial Boot Cut... which is useless, since the shin has a weird angled cut to fit the boot. If you turn the boot a bit too much to any side, it reveals the ugly cut. but incredibly enough, the slight cut allows for a bit better posing of the giant.

Paint and Sculpt:
There is something bugging me about Tytus... He looks very familiar... The sculpt is pretty detailed, especially on the Harness, Belt and boots! It almost makes me wish we had those pieces in the 7-inch size. Paintjob is mostly clean

Yes, I went there...
His vintage weapon which is supposed to be some sort of "headhunter" thing, but it looks like a Vacuum... What is he some sort of Maid now?
it took 7 attempts to have Tytus
stand long enough for me to take a
photo of him holding his weapon high.

All jokes aside, I have a slight problem with this accessory:
It doesn't work! It cannot lift the figures unless you do some Heavy Mods to it, like He-Bro did.
The other problem has more to do with the Figure being Rotocast and his weapon too Heavy. He cannot hold the weapon above his head.

While yes, he is holding the weapon high on this pic, you cannot see what happened right after I took the pic: He fell backwards.
Tytus here gets a 3.33 as his final score. Had Tytus been a bit taller, more Articulated, and maybe had an Extra accessory, or 2, he could have easily been a 5.0 figure.

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