Mar 5, 2016

I am now a featured writer on Man-at-Arms Workshop

That's pretty much it... I am now a Featured Writer at Man-at-Arms workshop.
I will be doing some Reviews, editorials, it'll depend on what I'm feeling to write about.
Also I have to keep things under wraps in order to avoid

Thanks, Dr. Song!

As I was saying, the Man-at-Arms workshop specializes in Custom Items for MOTU.
Remember the DC She-Ra sword? Well, thanks to my twice in a row Loo-Kee-dar powers I got a gig as a writer... but to stop redundancy, my First Article is Up!
It's a Custom head by IBBMT. King Miro.

Check out the Review At Man-at-Arms Workshop! Just don't forget to keep checking back here for rants and stuff... For the usual!

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