Mar 10, 2016

SONY is getting more hate... Now it goes International.

Thanks to IGN we on the US (and Territories) got a chance to see the International Trailer to the Cacatastic and Poopular Ghost Bust Hers Cinematic abomination by Paul Feige. (link is on IGN)

Oh Phoque!
Four Scientists Saved New York is now Four Friends Saved the World.
They show us the new Busters and once again the first "joke" is ghost facial followed up by Kristen Wiig complaning about getting slime off of her anus and vagina. Seems like the movie wants us to picture Kristen Wiig trying to remove the slime off of her every crack. Imagine if we had gotten a me soggy knee stick director...

I didn't notice the thing about the "Bear Ghost Trap" before. It has "Laser teeth" and when it closes it pretty much creates a bunch of laser "slash attacks" as the bear trap closes. With the trap being so near to the eyes of the "Busters", they should have been blinded by them.
New "joke" about Wiig pushing instead of pulling a door.

Chris Hemsworth is the new Janine and he's hired on the spot because he's hot...
Reverse Sexes here and we'd have the Feminists crying about Soggy Knees...
They keep the lame insecure "Who's the leader?" attempt at a "joke".
Ugh! the new Mosh Pit Scene is beyond Cringeworthy.
"I dunno if this was a race thing or a lady thing, but I'm mad as hell!" Comedy Gold, people! The Rather Large Black Woman carrying a heavy and unlicensed nuclear accelerator on her back was not able to Stage Dive into a Crowd-surf after the Rather Large, but not as large White Woman carrying a heavy and unlicensed nuclear accelerator on her back was able to make a Stage Dive into a Crowd-surf. SONY is counting on this to flop and they're using "racism and sexism" as their scapegoats.

I chuckled at the Ghost Logo joke. I have to admit. Buuut this movie is getting criticism. People are calling it the Female Equivalent to Adam Sandler Movies (recent movies)
The best description I've seen is this one:
Imagine like if your dad was dead and then a clown came and put on his clothes and went like "hey I'm your dad! Isn't this fun!"

Yikes! This, in addition to the Spidey-less Venom makes me VERY WORRIED about He-Man...

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