Mar 9, 2016


Are you even aware that Venom's origin is EXTREMELY TIED to Spider-Man?
You can't go making a "Venom" WITHOUT a Spidey...

Last comic book movie about a Villain without its Hero worked so fine...

Venom, no matter how you slice it, NEEDS Spider-Man to exist.

Here's what I'd do to bring Venom into a movie:

We have Spidey's first appearance on Captain America 3: Civil War

We have the Sony Spidey Solo movie vs a Classic Villain: I wanna say Mysterio because of the Crazy SFX madness he can bring to the picture. Here Peter gets the symbiote/cancer suit thing that remains dormant for some time.

We have the second Sony movie where Spidey is after Morbius (more in line with the 616 version... Roll the clip)

I love this Morbius clip... but back on topic. Morbius is chased by the greatest Hunter of all: Sergei Kravinoff.(who is more like his 616 version but has a show like his ultimate version.) Spidey's first encounter with Morbius, where he bites Peter awakens the symbiote, which cures him of his vampirism and gives him the black suit. During the final battle against Kraven AND Morbius Peter saves Kraven's Camera man (Eddie Brock) from an Explosion Unbeknownst to Peter, parts of the suit bond to Eddie.

With Kraven arrested for many illegal actions for his hunt, Eddie lost his job. his wife Anne dumps him and (on the post credits scene) attempts to commit suicide, which the symbiote stops as it awakens.

Now that we have the set up for the Venom movie, here's what I'd do for his movie.
Eddie Brock is pissed off... His life was ruined and now he's making a list of people he has a grudge with and he will make them PAY!! Yup! My idea for Venom the movie is a Revenge Story where Eddie Brock is killing everyone who wronged him all the way to Peter Parker: Spider-Man. Eddie as Venom is killing people gruesomely while the Police and Spider-Man (who plays a smaller role in this movie) are trying to catch the Killer. Spider-Man wants to clear his name seeing that the murder victims are being webbed up throughout New York. At the end of the Film, Venom faces Spider-Man in a battle to the death. The symbiote ends up being destroyed as it tries to save Peter from dying. A broken Eddie is arrested  and sent to prison. On a post Credits scene we have Eddie on death row. Another cellmate threatens to kill Brock... This triggers a Symbiote fragment that remained in Brock regenerating slowly to awaken. Brock proceeds to escape and heavily wound the Prisoner before realizing Venom is back and escape. The camera pans back to the wounded Prisoner and we see bits of the symbiote enter the man's body through the wounds. As the bits of symbiote enter the prisoner's wounds we hear a slower version of this song playing in the background.

The Venom Movies would be rated R, due to violence and gore. Definitely NOT for kids. Spider-Man's appearance does not mean they are for kids. Yes, I said MOVIES, because we need at least two of them and yes: Venom 2 would have the Maximum Carnage Subtitle. (and yes, Maximum Carnage would Feature Spidey in it and kinda be like a Buddy Cop movie.) Then the THIRD and most likely final movie would be: Lethal Protector with Eddie moving to San Francisco and trying to use his powers responsibly.

Sadly, Sony wants to have their own Deadpool and will Screw Up Venom Badly.

On a totally unrelated Note: Why is Zendaya being cast for a Spidey movie?

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