Mar 29, 2016

It Came from the Toy Chest: Cory Matthews' favorite King Hsss...

Roll the Undapants Clip!

As you know King Hssss got a bigger screwjob than The Montreal Screwjob. Well, he's finally Arrived! He HAS A BIO!! HOLY ASS CRACKERS, MATTEL GAVE US A BIO!?
It's King Hssss's normal bio with Centuries replaced with Millenia...  New team is really hellbent in making Neitlich look good...

Before I start my review, I must point out that MOST OF MY MOTUC are still in storage, so that's why there have not been too many funny pics in the reviews in 2016. Need to get some new shelves, but that's not on topic, so let's get back to the third Hssss (and we can't even get a Savage Catra variant)
Get a rotary tool, you'll need one. Or lots of sandpaper, because you'll need it... The rotary tool is faster.

Main head can swivel left and right, the rest of the snakes are bendy snakes... Careful with the wires inside of them... He has an unintended waist swivel (Removable torso) and Normal Leg Articulation from the waist down. Due to the King Hssss 1.0 Underpants, the Articulation is limited on the thighs and  the usage of the Rattlor shins means there is no boot cut. I must point out that his knee and ankle articulation is LOOSE AS HELL!

Nu snake torso looks better than the Celery Stick look!
Paint and sculpt: 
Well, he's something old, something new, something borrowed, nothing blue.
Old: King Hssss's crotch
New: Upper Snake Torso
Borrowed: Everything else from the Snakemen 2 pack.
Paintjob... here's where things get messy. Mine has a so-so paintjob. The central snake head doesn't match the torso. It looks worse from the back. I've heard about some not having the underbelly painted. Be careful...

Snakemen 2 pack weapons (all 4), Snakemen 2pack extra head. The head gives a more Thulsa Doom vibe to King Hssss

Look, Ma! No Hands!!

He can hold ALL THE ACCESSORIES WITHOUT CHEATING WITH CLEAR BANDS... Not recommended, but possible.

If you're thinking about a Hefty ad, I don't blame ya!
Before I go to the Overall Score, You are wondering how does he Match up to the Original snake torso? That I can answer. What I cannot answer is how does it look on the Vintage Looking Hssss.

And here's your answer.

Now the whole Rotary Tool thing:
King Hssss needs his head to be sanded off slightly. Specifically speaking his peg hole. The head is made of the Harder Plastic as the Torso, think some third party casts kind of hard. Now if you don't sand/dremel the hole, it won't fit your 200X Hssss. Be careful with how much you remove, otherwise, you'll need blutac to hold the head in place. (Mine is slightly loose, but not NEEDS blutac kinda loose)

Cool torch, huh!
Serpentine King Hssss gets a 4.0 as his final score. I still stand that the Torso should have been given to subscribers for free as an apology for their screw up, but the accessories are kinda cool. No idea what I'll do with the legs. though.

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