Mar 6, 2016

Thundercats and the plague of New Tooling

I've mentioned this before in past Thundercats rants. A lot of Thundercats characters would require new tooling and we know that Mattel can be a little allergic to that.

Well, in some cases, depending on how the rights are tied to certain body parts of figures from other Mattel toylines, they COULD work out some issues...
I mean DC/WB are the owners of both Thundercats and DC Universe. MAYBE they COULD use some DCUC parts to make some characters... Looking at the Kilowog/Validus buck in particular for a certain Lunattak.
Amuck would benefit from them.
Tug-Mug would be a new head and Torso, while reusing MOTUC Arms and a new left hand.
Red-Eye could also benefit from the Kilowog/Validus body reuse.
Chilla has tons of parts reuse as well as Alluro.
Crap! I've just helped the Lunattaks to get made...

The only place where New Tooling is severely NEEDED for Thundercats would be in The Berserkers. Mainly their cybernetic parts.
Hammerhand can be made with most of the Standard body, aside the Cybernetic oversized parts that weren't THAT oversized in the cartoon.

Cruncher could use some of those Kilowog/Validus buck parts.
Ram Bam is basically a slightly modified Standard figure (with an overlay that could be made similar to Dragstor)

Top Spinner may need some new tooling (shorter limbs.) in order to be cartoon accurate.

That's the funny thing here: If we go for Cartoon Accuracy, then the characters don't need THAT MUCH new Tooling. If we go for TOY Accuracy, then New Tooling is needed more often than not to accommodate the action features.

There are MANY questions surrounding this line. We don't know how big will it be. Is it just the Cats, Mutants and Mumm-Ra? Will it add other stuff? So far all we know is that we're getting, cats, Mutants and Mumm-Ra. Grune is a Former Thundercat, so he counts as Cat. 2017 is where we'll learn about the scope of the line.

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