Mar 4, 2016

Genderbent Reboot gets trailer... Who you gonna call?

Someone else...

Here it is and before I rant I must point out the positives.
-Better Effects than the 1984 movie.
-Kate McKinnon is kinda funny in the trailer. (I chuckled at the wig scene.) But at the same time she seems to be playing Justin Bieber/Miley Cyrus in this.

-It TRIES to use Nostalgia in order for you to like it. Hell it references the Original right out the bat... AND it gets it wrong: 1984 + 30 = 2016... Common Core at its finest!
-First joke is Kristen Wiig complaining about slime getting in EVERY CRACK OF HER BODY and being hard to wash off.
Ladies and gentlemen, the new GB movie starts with women getting vomit-slimed (not saying it's a ぢっかけ reference, but it totally looks like it) and how hard it is to get the slime off of her vagina and anus... Roll the Oozinator clip!

-Leslie Jones is "The Winston" and is playing the loudmouth sassy black woman... How long we'll have to wait until an Aw Hell Naw! is uttered by her in the movie? and it happens on the trailer at 2:11... WHY!? Do I need to point out how the three white women are scientists, and the black woman is not?

-They dragged Slimer into this... (and according to IMDB, Sigourney Weaver and Annie Potts too)
-Melissa McCarthy gets slimed... CALLED IT!
-Leslie Jones bitchslaps Melissa McCarthy... Cause Feminism? Cue angry 'Nita calling Soggy Knee!
Nope! nothing... Probably Jonny Appledouche didn't let her tweet today!

Now I think Maddox puts this situation Perfectly:

I don't like gender being used as a gimmick. This is perfect: they've created a movie beyond reproach. If anyone criticizes it, they're instantly sexist. Nevermind that the jokes fell flat, the Ecto-1 looks even more dated than the original, the premise is absurd and they rely on slap gags--nevermind all of that. If the movie fails--it's not their fault for making a bad movie, it's the fault of the patriarchy for being sexist. There's no universe in which this movie could be criticized without the specter of "sexism" looming in the minds of people who defend it. It's the perfect alibi for failure.
Now look at the Original Trailer for the REAL Ghostbusters

There's a dick joke in it, but it's SUBTLE. In the 2016 abomination, subtlety is non-existent.

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