Mar 30, 2016

Wal*Mart knows the secret on how to ooze money out of me...

Dammit! Why do THEY have to get the Exclusive Secret of the Ooze TMNT classics figures... Well let's see? Toys R Us had the First Movie and the Cartoon Turtles, but I never saw any of them. Maybe, I may have a chance at getting them? (Remembers Giant Man Wave of ToyBiz Marvel Legends...

Now I wonder if KMart is getting TMNT3 Samurai Turtles...

So, Wal*Mart is getting these figures. If you have the Original TMNT Movie ones, why get these?

Multiple heads, Multiple Movie Related Accessories!
Leo has the Ooze, Donny has the Bo-Mop, Mikey has the nom noms, the cold cut chucks, Raph has Pizza (Thanks to Surf Ninja Keno)

This is cool and all that, BUT I have one complaint:

87 Toon Turtles
Rocksteady and Bebop
1990 Movie Turtles
1991 2nd Movie Turtles

Where's ANY Shredder, Splinter, April, Krang? Or Elias Koteas as Casey? We can't keep rehashing the Turtles Forever... (pun intended)

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