Mar 1, 2016

It Came from the toy Chest: Motuc Supes

We will find out if he bleeds soon enough, but Mattel made a The Dark Knight Returns Superman to match the Batman we already have.
So, basically, this Superman is a puppet of Ronald Reagan and has orders to stop Batman.
He is made with MOTUC Parts, so let's take a look at him.

Seeing that he is made on a MOTUC Buck, we can see that his Articulation is Similar to the Dark Knight Returns Batman or a MOTUC Figure. His head is nearly unmovable. Can't make it turn side to side.

Paint and Sculpt:
The Sculpt is Accurate to the Source Material, hence the ugly mug on Superman. He seems to share a Torso with Batman and the only new pieces are: Head, Trunks Upper boots... Those forearms are totally MOTUC. The paint isn't as nice. There's some bleed on his trunks and the S Shield tampo looks a bit fuzzy. Other than that he looks rather nice... for what he is.4.0

He has a Kryptonite Arrow, which was fired by the One Armed Green Arrow at him. The arrow seems to be made for DCUC scale figures as it is too small and Superman cannot grip it at all. You can have it kinda sitting on his hand as if he caught it, but you risk it falling off and losing it.
3.0 I mean he could have come with something else to spice him up a bit.

Finally My MOTUC Batman won't be alone. shame that Superman is so hard to find (had to go online to get one) Hopefully the Upcoming Armored Batman and Mutant Leader won't be so hard to find... Those guys scream custom fodder if one gets multiples. Speaking of customizing, I did do a slight tweak on mine. I removed his head and noticed that Mattel made a thicker lip where the neck ball connects to the head and that blocks the movement and interchangeability. I used a rotary tool to remove a bit off from the lip and now I can have a Supes that can look to the sides and If I wanted to, I could swap heads. Rating this Superman was a bit tougher
Yes, the heads are upside down.
I kinda wish we had an Old Man Bruce Head for him
His final Score is 3.5 which is a shame, but I have to blame some issues on my figure. A Better paintjob might have helped him. Now what I blame on Mattel is the engineering issues like the rigid head. I shouldn't have to fix these issues. Also, the lack of accessories. Had Mattel thought this through, they could have added something else to make him pop. The best thing about him is that he pairs up with my Batman quite Nicely.

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