Mar 15, 2016

King Hiss Screwjob 6: He is finally here!

Not HERE HERE as in It Came From the Toy Chest HERE, but he was finally made available to subscribers... Through a Subscriber exclusive special webpage. Sure we were limited to 3 King Hisses, period; but he was $20. So that's a good thing, right?

OK, no matter how we slice it we ARE GETTING SCREWED BY Mattel! But at least it's not as painful as we expected. I got one he's coming, but the good thing is that he has ALL The Snake Men accessories sword, shield, Polearm and Club... Thinking of Giving Rattlor the Other Club so he can have a pair of Maracas... He's a rattlesnake... I may give the Polearm to snakeface. Hsss gets the Sword... I'll think about that when he gets here.

Non-Subscribers will have to wait until he's available... IF he doesn't sell out, that is! In any case, the Torsogate is over for now...

Now whose butt do I have to kiss in order to get the complete set of New Adventures characters in MOTUC Scale with MOTUC Articulation?

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