Mar 21, 2016

Injustice: Kombatants Among Us

So, Injustice is an older game for PS3, but I found it for PS4 and I'm going to review this game made by Netherrealm Studios... As the title says, it's from the Mortal Kombat People.

One Kickass Techno Song later...
So Remember that DC Game no one talks about... The one where the DC Superheroes meet Kombatants? Dammit! you made me talk about that game!

Well, Netherrealm Studios made an attempt to make us forget that game with Injustice: Gods Among Us.

So, you know that DC has their infinite Earths and that sometimes Crises happen... Well, here we got another of those...
On a parallel Universe, Joker Tricks Superman into Killing Lois Lane and his unborn child (and accidentally blow up Metropolis via a Nuke connected to Lois' vitals.) This of course angers Superman who goes all Kombatant and Finishes the Joker. He then makes the world KNEEL BEFORE Z- I mean Kal-El!

Of course, there is ONE MAN who is against this and is the leader of the Insurgents... Can you guess who this is?

You guessed right. Well, HE Teleports Wonder Woman, The Green Pedophile, Aquaman, and The Green Arrow for help. The Joker (not voiced by Mark Hamill) and Batman, accidentally tag along. Now that the pieces are in place we have the heroes of one world trying to save a whole new world. Some heroes are villains in this world and viceversa.


It's rather obvious that it's a PS3 game ported to PS4, but I'm not docking too much because of that, because the graphics are decent. My main beef is that Wonder Woman looks a bit too manly. Mostly because of her broad shoulders and somewhat manly face... I know they were trying to Xena her up a bit, but something is off on her.

Now that I think of it, All the women in the game look somewhat manly. The least manly looking would be Hawkgirl. (at least for MK X, Netherrealm learned how to make more feminine looking women)

Sounds and Music:
The Music is nice. It kinda has a Justice League Cartoon vibe in some pieces, the rest sound Fighting Game-like.
The voice acting is where I want to spend most of the time, seeing that THIS TIME they bothered in getting Decent VAs for the characters... Many Reprising past DC Roles...
We have George Newbern as Sephiro... I mean Superman! We have Kevin Conroy as the Goddamn Batman, Troy Baker playing Nightwing, Grey DeLisle as Catwoman, Kimberly Brooks as Barbara Gordon, Adam Baldwin as Green Lantern, Phil LaMarr as John Stewart, Jennifer Hale as Killer Frost, Susan Eisenberg as Wonder Woman, tara Strong as Harley Quinn (and Raven, but not using her normal Raven Voice... sad face), Khary Payton as Cyborg (Booyah!), Alan Tudyk as Green Arrow, and Stephen Amell AS GREEN ARROW in the CW Arrow Costume... We also have Lacey Chabert as Zatanna. Holy crap! Yeah! I almost forgot, we have Ed Boon as Scorpion. yippee...

This game is kinda like a Lighter MK IX and a bit Proto-MKX. If you've played both of those games you kinda know what to expect. The X-Rays are the Super Moves, you interect with the backgrounds in the same way and there's a new Element called Clash. When you've lost your first Lifebar and are trapped in a combo attack by your opponent, you can activate the clash. There both players wager their superbar in hopes of winning the clash. If you activate the Clash and Win, you get extra health. If your opponent activates the Clash and LOSES, you do extra damage. Think of it like a Super Flashy Break.
Other than that it plays like a Junior version of MK (like Monopoly Junior is to real Monopoly)
This game has a Mortal Kombat Styled Story Mode, an Arcade Mode, and different game modes with various handicaps, so offline gamers CAN ENJOY THE GAME FOR A LONG LONG TIME!

They are SIMILAR to MK, but not the same. Instead of 4 Attacks, we have 3: Weak, Medium, Strong. The 4th Face Button is for Character specific "Power". you can shoot Arrows with Green Arrow, switch weapon with Nightwing, boost your attack with Superman, etc. Block is no longer tied to a specific Button, but in traditional 2D fighter fashion is now relegated to pushing the D-Pad away from your opponent.
The controls are responsive and intuitive once you get over the fact of playing a Mortal Kombat game where Block does not have a specific button.

Injustice gets an 8.6 as its final score. Making a Fun DC Game has been hard and so far the only Recent Success has been the Arkham series, well, Netherrealm pulled it off. a Non-Arkham DC game that is fun to play and a rather satisfying Fighting game loaded with Content... Unlike OTHER COMPANIES that shall remain nameless... If somehow you were like me and did not play it, DO IT!! It's a fun game... But Scorpion is a wasted slot... So many DC Villains they could have used to fill in that gap... I get it Netherrealm's Mascot is Scorpion, but he looks completely out of place...

Now I wait for  KoF XIV...

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