Mar 10, 2016

Wait... Spidey's here!?

Are you ready True Believers for EXCELSIOR!! NUFF' SAID!! whatever Else Stan Lee would say!
Captain America 3 Trailer is here... Now with more Spider-Man!

Marvel's Captain America- Civil War - Trailer 2 por comicbookdotcom
I, I don't know what to say! I see Spidey, the suit looks Traditional with a slight deviation to the Comic Book costume, but not Square Enix Deviated and a bit more Credible to have been made by a kid and not a professional movie studio.
Buuuuuut! There is something off about it. I KNOW the Lenses for his Mask are CGI to have the comic book accurate expressive Spidey eyes, but the suit looks a bit Animated... If you know what I mean. At the same time it has a John Romita Sr. Vibe to it...
I'm so excited!!

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