Mar 25, 2016

It Came from the Toy Chest: Well, you know, that's just like, your opinion, man!

 That undersized Giant really tied up the room together.  Some people say he looks like Jesus, others say he looks like the Magma Giant from Gatchaman, others say he looks like the popular imagery of Christ, but I think he looks more like The Dude.
But that could be blamed by the Bowling Ball, I mean Star Seed Accessory...

Before I start the review I must point out one thing. The fact that this is being Published on Good Friday and that Procrustus looks a bit like the Iconic Christ Look is purely Coincidental. It was... OK I can't lie! I had it ready for a few days and released it on this date. But to be fair, I had some other items in the queue.

Now Procrustus, the third and Final Undersized Giant... I feel like a massive douche after talking crap about the Giants, I ended up getting all 3... Well, this makes MOTUC the version of MOTU that I have collected as close to completion as possible... And the most encompassing one as well.

Who is Procrustus? This is for the MOTU impaired, or whose sole source of MOTU lore is Filmation. I know that most of my readers know who he is.
He's the Eternian Version of Atlas, but with 4 arms... Think Stone version of the Son of the Dude and Sheeva from MK 3 after Rita Repulsa made it play with her wand. Now take that dude and put him in a similar position to Atlas. Well to be more specific Holding the Planet together to prevent it from splitting in half.

Sure he has 2 More Arms, which means more Articulation by default, but he has an INTEGRAL POINT OF ARTICULATION that the other two giants lack: Bicep Swivel. Be VERY CAREFUL WHEN PUTTING IN THE ARMS!! There were stories about people breaking the pegs by forcing the wrong arm in.

Paint and Sculpt:
He's Beige... VERY BEIGE, or more of a sand color with some slight shading to make the Reused from Megator parts look more sandy/rocky. From the waist down he's pretty much Megator. From the waist up, Brand new (aside 1 or 2 Megator hands)

Big yellow Ball known as the Star Seed. I only wish we had something to hold it aside Procrustus

Procrustus gets a 3.17 as his final score. Him I like the best of all, but his score is the lowest? I don't even know how that happened, but Math doesn't lie. I still have the same complaints with him as the rest, undersized, less Articulation (though the Bicep Swivels are amazeballs!) The only real issue is that you CAN'T Display Procrustus with Other Figures. He needs to be on his own protecting his Ball. I can't believe that I'm going to say this, but we kinda need Azdar, Belzar and Chazdar in Classics...

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