Mar 18, 2016

Hulkamania ran wild all over Gawker, brotha!

Awww! Poor little Gawker! Nick Denton's gossip company will have to pay the Hulkster $115 Million for their little Hulkster sex tape stunt... 
Of course we'll see the Turds at Crapper media trying to weasel out of paying the money and this may force the Hulkster to lay the smack down on them again!!

In the meantime I'll be celebrating in honor of the Hulkster's victory over Gawker.

Now, I do not think that the Hulkster is a saint, but taking Gawker a few pegs down is worth celebrating, especially if one is a gamer.
Hopefully, Gawker will learn from this... who am I kidding, these douchenozzles are too stubborn to do the right thing.

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