Mar 19, 2016

Jared is getting his ass kicked in jail... In other news Water is Wet!!

Yeah, there's a bit of news stating that Jared is getting beat up in Prison.
Now that's not the interesting thing about this...
Pecking Order...

According to Prison Rules, Jared is the lowest of lowest in the Prison Pecking Order. His only prison friends are others like him. (not even snitches... who get stitches want to associate with him.) He's backed by his Pedo Crew... They even have a Tennis team! League!
Holy crap! a Kiddie Diddler Tennis League. Also he seems to be gaining weight... Dude, the fatter your ass gets, the more cushion for the pushing you are adding... You're supposed to get emaciated, then you're kept safer in the medical area.

Seriously, NO ONE THOUGHT THAT JARED WOULD BE IN TROUBLE AFTER BEING CONVICTED!? I seem to remember EVERYONE making Jared is going to be eating a lot of $5 Footlongs in jail jokes... So, then why is anyone even surprised that Jared is a target in prison...

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