Mar 21, 2016

Holy crap! I missed Winter Wrap Up 2016!!

To be fair, I was sort of Cleaning and Playing Injustice, more of the second than the first, (review will show up soon) but in any case here's the Theme:

So, My laziness will be punished later... in ways that you should not know of, but the Christian Grey crap will seem tame next to what I'll do to punish myself...

In any case here's some odds and ends!

Anti Eternia He-Man may be coming in April... I don't speak German but I can deduce that out of this picture.

I think he looks cool... For a Blastic He-Man... Hey! Someone had to make the joke, Y'know! I MAY try and get one. I did underpants an order Hssss for the Masters of the Yugiverse Classics.

Batman v. Superman is coming this week, finally. There's a rumor going around that Ben Affleck did some rewrites dressed up as Batman. He of course denies it. Or hints as he does his rewrites Naked... but still, can you imagine BATMAN rewriting BvS? That would have been more hilarious than Vandalizing Cavill's Trailer with Goddamn Bat-memorabilia.

Keeping things in the BvS Mood in advent of the movie FINALLY coming.
Let's roll the clip.

Here's the thing: New Yorkers, as I've been told, simply don't give a damn! There's nothing unique about a 6'1" white guy with dark hair sporting a Superman T-Shirt. sure he may be the guy playing Superman, but he plays Superman in the WORST SUPERMAN MOVIE EVER. Yes, it even beat Super Deadbeat Dad Returns. I mean, Suck Snyder was far less subtle than Hideo Kojima with his Superman = Jesus analogy... All he was missing was

with a bit of Aslan to complete the RAMMING IT DOWN YOUR FACE.
Many People HATED the Man of Steel. It's understandable, seeing that Snyder screwed up Superman. The hero everyone looks up to. what we should aspire to be. The man has the powers of a god, but chooses to SERVE mankind instead of RULING IT. He's supposed to give people HOPE instead of FEAR. Superman is the ANTI-BATMAN, but what Snyder made was a Batman with super Powers.

Seeing that the reactions for the movie were mixed, it's easy to see why no one recognized the star of the Man of Stool while parading on Times Square.

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