Mar 2, 2016

Re-Analyzing my dislike for the Filmation Sub-Line.

While, I know most of the blame on why Filmation He-Man failed is on Mattel's shoulders; I feel like I must clarify WHY I put SOME of the blame on the FourHorsemen.
Engineering might have messed up, but some of the sculpt IS messed up and that's the FourHorsemen's fault here. I'm sorry for saying this, but it's true.
The weird shin issue with He-Man was IN THE PROTOTYPE, so there's no way I can blame Mattel here.
Look at the Skeletor Prototype. His shins look anatomically correct based on how the curve of the muscles looks natural from the naked flesh section of his shins going down unto the booted section. With He-Man it looks VERY WRONG.
In the cartoon the shins had a more natural curve to them.
Now if we add the "Muffin top effect where some of the Flesh areas on his legs seem wider than the fur trim, we have a problem with the sculpt.

We then have the lack of detail on the fur areas...

Now before you go Phoenix Wright on me, hear me out!

I've already talked about how the MOTUC Body Clashes with the Filmation Parts. What I mean is this:

Look at the following pics from the Cartoon:
Pay attention to the spiky ends on the furry parts, Loincloth, boots, that kind of thing.

Now if you look at the He-Man figure, you'll see what I mean:
The fur trim on his boots and his loincloth look like chewed gum.

Now if this is because of Mattel's "Safety Standards", then Mattel sucks, because The "Pointy edges on the boot trims" would be on the boot itself and wouldn't get anyone's eye out. The loincloth is already of a softer Plastic, so there wouldn't be any real issue.

The sculpt on this pieces is too soft, which makes the Loincloth and fur trims on his (already flawed) boots look like globs of slime or already been chewed gum.
Can you see the difference now? A more jagged looking work on the boot trims to make the trim look a bit more like fur would have helped to make him more accurate.

Same thing with the Loincloth that should have been tucked under and glued to be more accurate to the source.

Now if this is a What you see in 2D cannot be properly translated into 3D, then Mattel should have allowed a bit more detail in order for the fur parts to read AS FUR.

I know the Horsemen CAN DO BETTER, we have seen it in Classics.

But, there is one thing bugging me:
 How did these Inferior Sculpts got approved by Mattel. I mean, they were going on about High Quality when they threw Neitlich under the bus.

I KNOW that these figures can be made easily, LOOK Filmation Accurate and have a little bit of detail on the furry areas so they read as fur...

I mean, the People who made the He-Man Statue were able to pull it off.

I know the statue is "Larger" and "has no Articulation" But it has a Softer sculpt than a Toy Based He-Man that is detailed enough to have the fur read as fur.

The saddest thing of all this is that the Horrible failed boots and Loincloth will reappear on all the characters tat use them and that's terrible!

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